Nyong'o Worked Secretly With IEBC - Former Governor Reveals

  • Former Kisumu Governor Jack Ranguma on Tuesday claimed incumbent Prof Anyang' Nyong'o worked behind the scenes with the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) during the August 8 General Election.

    Ranguma, who filed a petition challenging Nyong'o's win stated that the governor was a beneficiary of IEBC's arrangement to deny him a seat.

    “The IEBC officials were able to access the servers, edit results and make the declaration in favour of Prof Nyong’o,” stated Mr Ranguma.

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    Testifying before Justice David Majanja at the Kisumu High Court, Ranguma accused the commission’s officials of refusing to allow his agents to inspect ballot papers for them to ascertain if they were the original and required materials.

    “IEBC allowed one person to vote more than once and only ODM agents were allowed to verify results. This they did after conniving with Nyong’o,” Mr Ranguma told the court.

    He added that most seals of the ballot boxes had been tampered with and poll officials gave dubious reasons to justify the same.

    Ranguma further alleged that his agents were ejected or prevented from accessing polling stations, leading to failure by IEBC to secure spoiled ballots which he claimed were counted in favour of Prof Nyong’o.

    “Some presiding officers refused to issue my agents with copies of results at polling stations.

    "Some of my results were swapped with my competitor’s while on other occasions my votes were deducted and added to Prof Nyong’o,” revealed the former Kisumu County boss.

    All was not rosy for Ranguma as lawyers representing Ny'ong'o pointed out several mistakes in his affidavit.

    Lawyers James Orengo and Antony Oluoch sought to get proof from Mr Ranguma that the IEBC deliberately planned to have Prof Nyong’o win the election as well as the alleged use of propaganda influence the outcome.

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