Mother Agonises Over Wealthy Daughter's Body Withheld by Nigerian Man

  • A heartbroken family in Thika, Kiambu County, has cried out to the government after a Nigerian man prevented them from accessing her body for burial.

    People Daily on Tuesday, October 22, reported that Maureen Muthoni, 31, who ran a tours and travel company in Nairobi, died in September from acute pneumonia at The Nairobi Hospital but they are yet to see her body.

    They further disclosed that since meeting Charles Emedo nine years ago, the purported husband never paid her dowry and even alienated her from the family.

    Lydia Nyamwathi, the mother, disclosed that they has since lost contact with her until December 2018 when they learned that she had been admitted at Karen Hospital.


    “She used to be responsible and took care of our family. She was actually the one paying for her younger sister’s school fees until she befriended the Nigerian man,” recounted Nyamwathi.

    After she got discharged, however, the parents were allegedly once again denied the chance to visit her at her Karen home by Emedo, who apparently is a citizen of Nigeria and Sweden.

    Two months later, pneumonia re-occurred and she was admitted at MP Shah Hospital but was discharged shortly after. The situation worsened two weeks later and she got admitted at The Nairobi Hospital.

    It was at that point that Emedo reportedly agreed to let the parents help him settle the Ksh2 million hospital bill only for him to change the tune shortly after they had raised some money.

    “He asked us to raise funds with our friends and relatives and clear the bill together to have the body released. Even after taking to him over Ksh200,000, the hostile, rogue man went into in hideout,” she continued.

    The issue culminated into a lawsuit barring Emedo from collecting the body from Umash Funeral Home on fearing that he could 'dump it anywhere and fly abroad'.

    “He had told us that he would decide where to bury our daughter and can, in fact, do it without our consent and presence. This made us suspect anything is possible with him as he lacks humanity,” she added.

    In the lawsuit, the parents also sought the custody of Muthoni's two children until they hit the legal age.

    Nairobi Hospital where Maureen Muthoni succumbed a month ago after her pneumonia illness worsened.