7 Little Known Details of Raila's Youngest Daughter

  • Being a politician's daughter, especially one of high stature as that of African Union Envoy Raila Odinga can be an intimidating thing, as the public glare is always on you.

    Winnie Odinga, 29, who is the ODM leader's youngest daughter, appears to have taken the publicity that comes with the relation in stride, strategically forging her own path.

    Here are seven less known details about Winnie Odinga.

    Winnie Odinga

    History of her name

    Born in Nairobi in 1990, Winnie was named after South African anti-apartheid activist and politician Winnie Mandela. Her brother Fidel was named after Cuban communist revolutionary and politician Fidel Castro.

    She has never shied away from expressing her pride in being associated with the Odinga name.

    "I am proud to be an Odinga because it is associated with trying to do the right thing," she stated during a 2016 interview with Betty Kyallo.

    She recalls her childhood being normal for a person born in the 1990s where she studied at Rusinga School and later to Brookhouse school. She then travelled to the USA to pursue her university education.


    Her siblings are Rosemary Odinga, the late Fidel Odinga and  Raila Odinga Jr. Being the last born, Winnie stated that her family was tight-knit that she kept in touch with her siblings on a daily basis. 

    She was close to the late Fidel whom she referred to as being a protective brother whereas Raila Odinga Jr would bully her when they were younger.

    Fidel went to college in th US when she was three years old and she revealed that the first time she remembers meeting him was when she was 11 years old. 

    She flew to the US by herself and went to stay with her sister Rosemary Odinga.


    Relationship with Raila

    She recalls her childhood taking Raila as a father first who was very supportive in her life. She revealed that he gave her a taste of life in politics from a very young age.

    "Dad used to take us to many rallies, the energy is electrifying. The first one I went to was when I was 6 years old,"

    She revealed that they bonded over their love of sports as well as when Raila used to play football with Bunge FC and she was the ball girl.

    In 2017, she was actively involved in her father's presidential campaign.

    "I work for my dad. I'm his bodyguard, his briefcase carrier, travel companion and even his driver if need be," she conveyed during an interview with Pulse Magazine at the time.

    Winnie Odinga during a NASA event in 2017.


    Winnie has on several occasions maintained that she doesn't have any political ambitions. 

    "I don't support career politicians, it is right when people support one leader to represent them," she stated during a 2016 interview on KTN.

    In 2018, political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi opined that Winnie was destined to become the first female Kenyan president.

    "Raila is old now and it is my prediction that Winnie Odinga will become the first woman president of Kenya after William Ruto. That you can take to the bank," he proclaimed.

    In agreement was Raila Junior who during an interview in November 2018, stated that unlike his sister, he was not interested in politics but was ready to give her his support in the endeavour.

     "I really hope Winnie is going to be the first female president of Kenya because she is really passionate about politics and I really encourage her to do as much as she can," he stated.

    Her job

    She works with Green Outreach Foundation that deals promoting the use of renewable energy while advocating for climate action among the youth.

    "We focus on developing renewable energy sources in the country," she stated in a 2015 interview with KTN's Michael Gitonga.

    Dating life

    In a 2016 interview with Betty Kyallo, Winnie, at the time stated that the culture of socialisation in Kenya was completely different making it quite difficult for her to fit in.

    "It is hard here... Kenya is sort of a culture where if you are socialising it has to be in a setting where people are either in church or out drinking or something especially people our age. And I do not go to the bar [sic]," Winnie stated.

    The former Prime Minister's last born also humorously mentioned that her mother, Ida Odinga, advised her 'not to marry a boy she finds in the bar'.


    Sports and Hobbies

    Winnie is a photographer and writer. She has on several occasions shown her interest in youth empowerment.

    She is an ardent football fan supporting Arsenal (in the English Premier League) and Gor Mahia on the local scene.

    Winnie recalls that it was while watching a match with her father that she decided to support the Arsenal.