Moses Kuria's Bold Confession That Has Divided Kenyans [VIDEO]

  • Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria was on Tuesday, November 5, the subject of discussion after making a bold confession on how parliament had failed Kenyans on Live TV.

    During a panel discussion on the interest rate capping and debt at Movenpick hotel, the Jubilee-allied MP stated that the legislators had failed in their oversight role when it came to Kenya's debt.

    "We have lied to Kenyans that all is well. Most of us being members of the ruling party. It is messy. We have lied to Kenyans and failed in the oversight responsibility," Kuria, who has been a member of the budget committee since 2014, disclosed.


    He stated that the Parliament had the power to take the government to task over undesirable financial decisions but had failed to do so on many occasions.

    The Gatundu South MP faulted the Treasury for taking expensive loans to avoid accountability associated with borrowing from Institutions such as the World Bank.

    "They reject loans from World bank that are at 1% because they have no opportunity for kickbacks. They instead go for those with 9% that have less accountability," he divulged.

    He admitted the country's economy was not performing well while offering his apologies as a lawmaker.

    His revelations resulted in an ensuring debate online with the term 'Moses Kuria' trending for the better part of the afternoon.

    Some expressed their support for the MP's admission stating that his coming clean was good for the country.

    "Of late, he has been feeding us with reality. He's saying as it is. It takes a serious leader to realize that we elected them to make our country a better place to live in but unfortunately we're held, hostage," one user stated.

    "Moses Kuria has just confirmed that for the last seven years the government has been cooking books of account. That same govt has been taking money to commercial banks and borrowing back with a 10% interest," another claimed.

    Others were of the opinion that the politician's apology was not of any consequence beyond the admission of guilt. 

    "So Moses Kuria is confessing to economical sins and expects nothing to be done because of privilege," one Netizen stated.

    "And yes, Moses Kuria is part of the problem. His words may ring true but they do not cleanse him," another added.

    "After 8 years in power, Moses Kuria is realizing they have failed Kenyans now? Jubilee has rapined [plundered] Kenyans for all these years with [the] 'tyranny of numbers'," stated another. 

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