Why DP Ruto's Hustler Moment in Kibra is Raising Eyebrows

  • On November 3, Deputy President William Ruto led Jubilee campaigns to Kibra's Laini Saba area where he attended a church service at the Africa Brotherhood church.

    The DP would later take an on-foot tour of the area where he met locals as he drummed up support for the party's candidate in the Kibra mini-poll McDonald Mariga.

    A photo that was later posted on his Facebook page, shows the DP in a jovial mood when he shook hands with a bodaboda rider who was curiously carrying a woman and two children.

    Away from the heated conversations of the Kibra showdown between Jubilee and the ODM party, Kenyans online were quick to question Ruto's decision to ignore the fact that the bodaboda rider was placing the children sandwiched between him and the passenger at risk in contravention of NTSA rules. 

    DP Ruto shakes hands with a bodaboda operator on November 3, in Kibra's Laini Saba area.

    According to NTSA's rules for operators, a rider must have at least two helmets, theirs and the passenger's, and the helmets should be yellow in colour for easy visibility.

    The NTSA states that the rider should have at least two reflective jackets and only one extra passenger is allowed (a child below 12 years) or luggage/load not exceeding 20kgs.

    Kenyans on Facebook could not forgive the DP for his seemingly insignificant oversight on a Sunday stroll in the heat of the Kibra campaigns.

    "I hope that you mentioned to the young man how dangerous it is to carry three passengers at the back of a motorcycle- without helmets too!" Francis Githanga wondered.

    DP Ruto takes bodaboda ride on the Salgaa-Rongai road, Rongai, Nakuru county on November 2.

    "Did you encourage this rider and the passengers to exercise caution and safety?" Eric Nyágá asked.

    The DP is, however, no stranger to criticism regarding his brief moments of interacting with everyday citizens in his numerous trips around the country.

    On November 2, the DP was in Salgaa-Rongai road, in Nakuru County where he took a bodaboda ride and he wore no helmet or reflective jacket. The rider he chose also did not have a helmet.

    He again posted the images on his Twitter page, once again eliciting mixed reactions from Kenyans.

    "I am curious to know why the police did not arrest you for not putting on a reflector and helmet. Is this the new law. Are you happy when the youth are harassed by the same officers who clap at you when breaking the law. This is the lowest moment for this country! Moses Gakubu ranted.

    Kenyans.co.ke contacted DP Ruto's communications team for a comment on the symbolism of the deputy president's appearances but our calls went unanswered.

    In December 2016, Citizen TV was forced to cancel an interview of President Uhuru Kenyatta with journalist Jacque Maribe filmed at a family ranch in Gatundu after a promo video (see video below) they published got netizens worked up over his failure to wear a seat belt. 

    DP Ruto rides bodaboda on the Salgaa-Rongai road, Rongai, Nakuru county on November 2.
    Bodaboda operator and passenger as per NTSA rules

    Below is the video of a section of Uhuru's interview with Jacque Maribe: