Kenyan Plane Forced to Land After Engine Fails Mid-Air

  • Garissa airstrip was the scene of a dramatic emergency plane landing after a cargo plane's engine stalled mid-air on Tuesday, November 11.

    The Jetways airline plane was reportedly headed to Mogadishu, Somalia from Nairobi prior to the engine failure.

    The aircraft bearing the registration number 5Y-JWC, was able to safely land at the airstrip after the pilot identified the engine problems early enough to avert a potential disaster. 

    No casualties were reported following the near-tragedy involving yet another local airline.

    A small aeroplane takes off from a dusty airstrip. KCAA suspended the licence of two local airlines on Tuesday, November 12

    The photo of the plane has since gone viral, with the majority of Kenyans calling on the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) to revoke the licences of planes that failed to meet the industry standards.

    Netizens also pointed out the sad state of the airstrip, with huge potholes visible on the viral photo.

    "You actually mean the nature of Kenyan roads is reflected in the airstrips too? Oh wow," Crispus Kamiri posted on Twitter.

    This mishap came just hours after KCAA suspended Silverstone Air from flying its Dash-8 planes on their passenger fleet for a one week.

    The authority also suspended the licences for Adventure Aloft and Safe Air.

    Back on October 11, a Lamu-bound Silverstone plane crash-landed at Nairobi National Park shortly after taking off from the Wilson Airport.

    The Silverstone plane Fokker 50, 5Y-1ZO was on its way to Lamu when it crash-landed 2 minutes after takeoff, October 11, 2019.

    The plane registered under number Fokker 50 5Y- 1ZO reportedly developed some technical hitch while taking off.

    Silverstone Airlines reported in a press statement that all its passengers were safe save for nine of them who sustained injuries and were recuperating at a Nairobi hospital.