5 Reasons Uhuru Fears Releasing BBI Report - Herman Manyora

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta has a number of fears about partnering with ODM leader Raila Odinga in the much expected Building Bridges Initiative report, according to the University of Nairobi lecturer, Herman Manyora.

    On Sunday, November 10, the analyst, through his YouTube channel questioned why Kenyatta was yet to receive the report which has created tension in the country, as politicians and Kenyans eagerly await to know its contents.  

    According to the university don, the document could have been someone else's project, and Kenyatta was wary of its contents. 

    Political analyst Herman Manyora who on Saturday, October 26, claimed that BBI would need Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko's intervention to thwart Deputy President William Ruto's influence against it

    He also pinpointed that Kenyatta's bond with Ruto, noting that the partnership which helped him ascend to power may be taunting the head of state.

    "Could it be a guilty conscience? Is Kenyatta finding it difficult to betray Ruto, considering how the DP played a role that saw Kenyatta ascend to the presidency twice, in 2013 and 2017? Maybe he is looking back at how Ruto went to the ICC with him?" Manyora wondered.

    The political analyst further argued that DP Ruto's influence on Kenyans had grown beyond the expectation of Kenyatta and Odinga. 

    "Ruto has planted poison on the ground and it would take time to remove it. Could Kenyatta and BBI team be figuring out how to take it out?" Manyora questioned.

    Another contentious issue the analyst pointed out was Kenyatta's diminishing influence in Mt Kenya, considering that the situation in the region was volatile, with reports of a division in the president's backyard. 

    "Could he be responding to the now-common phrase  'vitu kwa ground ni different' (the situation on the ground is different), especially in Mount Kenya? Is it too hostile for him in his region,?" Manyora thought out loud.

    The opinion leader went on to advise Kenyatta to face Kenyans and unleash whatever BBI housed.

    "It can't be timing as time has elapsed. The tension rising must be handled immediately. Kenyatta and Odinga should receive it and let it out. We believe its a game-changer. We believe Kenya would never be the same.

    If Kenyans reject it, Kenyatta should honour their choice, but he has to face them," Manyora urged. 

    Political analyst Herman Manyora on Sunday, November 10, claimed that President Uhuru Kenyatta had fears over releasing the Building Bridges Initiative

    Video courtesy of YouTube/Herman Manyora