BBI Will Fail, Only Uhuru and Sonko Can Save It - Herman Manyora

  • The Building Bridges Initiative faces a herculean task as it may be at the periphery of death just like Punguza Mizigo, according to political analyst Herman Manyora.

    The opinionist took to social media to state his take on what President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga should do to ensure BBI becomes successful.

    Manyora, on Saturday, October 26, stated that Deputy President William Ruto was the greatest hurdle against BBI and the handshake team required an equally strong opponent like Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko to neutralise him.

    Analyst Herman Manyora who on Saturday, October 26, claimed that the BBI would need Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko's intervention to thwart DP Ruto's influence against it

    "With all its flaws Kenyans would have passed Punguza Mizigo. BBI will be successful but Uhuru and Raila will need to tame the political genius of William Samoei Ruto and ensure they isolate him by restricting him to Rift Valley only.

    "The handshake team already has strong numbers in coast through Governor Hassan Joho, Nyanza through Raila and other areas have been consolidated through their political prowess," Manyora opined.

    According to the seasoned analyst, Ruto had created the hustler identity for himself, which would eliminate the tribal voting pattern in Kenya and become BBI's greatest hurdle. 

    Manyora stated that the hustlers in Kenya have been oppressed by joblessness and the Chinese invasion of Kenya's economic sphere. This wind of change frustrated Kenyans whose pain and suffering may unite them against BBI. 

    According to Manyora, the initiative would thus need Sonko to pin down Ruto, as the governor also resonates with hustlers. Both leaders are not affiliated to tribes.

    Manyora advised the handshake team to experiment by using Sonko to campaign in Kibra.

    "They need patriots, somebody to penetrate hustler nation, blowing in Nairobi and Kenya and that is Sonko. In Ukambani, Kalonzo Musyoka is facing upheaval and the area leaders may vote against BBI. 

    "In Western, we are not sure of  Musalia Mudavadi's stance as he is wavering. If he does not direct the hustlers appropriately in the Western region, then Ruto will sweep them off. Sonko is Ruto's antidote and he will hit back with the same amount of strength as Ruto. 

    The opinion leader played coy on how Uhuru and Raila should approach Central Kenya. According to Manyora, Ruto realised the region needed a saviour and he placed himself as the region's best hope. 

    Sonko addressing a crowd. Herman Manyora on August 31, 2019, warned Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga and DP William Ruto to be weary of Sonko's political growth and association with hustlers.

    Video courtesy of YouTube/Herman Manyora