Chamwada's Special Trait That Compelled Uhuru to Grant Him Prestigious Job

  • After being in the media industry for 16 years, the third President of Kenya Mwai Kibaki awarded veteran journalist Alex Chamwada the Order of Grand Warrior (OGW) for his contribution to informative journalism in 2010.

    This award elevated his status as a journalist, opening up paths for him and giving him the courage to follow his own journalism path and to call an end to his career in the studio, in favour of private practice.

    "The OGW is a title that elevates you in society and improves your image and branding. Ideally, those titles are given to people who have made a mark in society. It gives confidence to other people who want to associate with you economically or socially," Chamwada told in a phone interview.


    Chamwada intimated that one of his most high profile jobs after the award was getting to work with President Uhuru Kenyatta's campaign team.

    He revealed that the accolade by Kibaki played a big role in influencing Uhuru to hire his company as part of Jubilee's communication team, in the run-up to the 2017 General Election.

    "Getting to work with the president's team during the campaign is a big deal, and I believe such awards count in your credentials. It shows prominence. OGW introduced anywhere in the world is a strong recognition," Chamwada gushed.

    His role in the president's team did not come without its challenges, however.

    The country was deeply polarized even as it fast careened towards the General Election, and many Kenyans who were not in support of the Jubilee regime faulted Chamwada's move.

    "Many people at the time condemned me because they did not understand me. What I did was consultancy work, meaning we had a purely working relationship. We can do consultancy for any organization so long as we believe it is professional," Chamwada explained to

    He narrated that both the award and the chance to work with the president had elevated not only his profile, but that of his production company- Chams Media.

    Alex Chamwada posing with his trophies after being named the Most Influential Media Personality at the Social Media Awards (SOMA) 2016.

    He is the current CEO of Chams Media, a production company that is responsible for the popular Daring Abroad and the Chamwada Report shows, both airing on KTN News.