Kenyans Turn Against Ngina Kenyatta After Speech on Youth Unemployment

  • Ngina Kenyatta is a darling to many but on Saturday, November 16, Kenyans online turned against her after a speech she made during the African Philanthropy Forum whose theme was “Accelerating Youth Employment in Africa” was shared on Twitter.

    Kenyan's could not stay calm after she claimed in her speech that it was the time for "the youth to address and find solutions to the issue of unemployment through venturing into new and innovative fields."

    As usual, Kenyans were ruthless as they claimed that it wasn't her place to speak about unemployment in the country.

    Ngina Kenyatta addresses African Philanthropy Forum at Strathmore University

    "Talking about youth empowerment yet her dad only recognises grandad's and grandma's whenever he makes a state appointment. Telling us about The Kenyatta Trust sending one boy to study in China as if her dad isn't responsible for the decline in quality of public education," David Mwangi claimed.

    As much as they agreed that her speech was okay and important, they felt that it was directed to the wrong audience with many Kenyans claiming that President Uhuru Kenyatta was the best audience for her speech.

    Ngina had attended the function, which was also attended by both her parents and some senior leaders in the country, as a director at The Kenyatta Trust.

    "Memorising has never been part of Kenya, why can't you say whatever is happening to the Kenyan youths without a blind eye. An apple doesn't fall far away from the tree, they say. Been fed the whole of your life even that speech to impress, who? Not Kenyans," the Gikuyu Drama Queen stated. 

    A lot of Kenyans were of the opinion that opportunities for the youth to progress had been allocated to retirees and the elderly by the president.

    Despite the bile from the majority of Kenyans, some saw sense in what she had to say on the matter and condemned those who criticised the first daughter.

    "This girl hasn't done a thing to deserve the hate. She just realized she can do something to address youth unemployment in this country. She trying," M.A Almasi argued.

    First daughter Ngina Kenyatta