Secret Behind Ali Manzu's Long Stay at KTN

KTN News Swahili anchor and reporter Ali Manzu opened up on his 12-year stay at the station despite offers from rivals media houses. 

Speaking exclusively to, on Wednesday, November 13, Manzu intimated that long stay was due to the faith his bosses had in him, despite his relative inexperience when he joined in 2007.

Manzu never started off as a journalist like many of his colleagues but as an architect.

At the KTN, he was granted the chance to grow step by step until he was at par with his colleagues.

"I came here as a reporter but as time went by, I learned the ropes and became an editor with time. Right now, I report, I direct and produce Swahili news bulletins and I'm still an anchor," Manzu told

He further stated that he was grateful to the people he met along the way, paying special tribute to his manager whom he credits for his quick growth at the studio.

Manzu revealed that he walked into the studio with only a diploma, but is now due to graduate with a masters from the United States International University Africa (USIU).

"I am about to finish my masters right now, and that is one of the reasons I decided that I am not going elsewhere. KTN has been okay with me working and at the same time developing myself, then I can only be indebted to them," he stated.

"These are some of the opportunities that honestly very few companies can offer you," he confessed.

Unlike most journalists today, Ali Manzu is not known to express an interest in politics and current affairs but as a human interest reporter.

In 2019, he was ranked number 10, in a list of the best Kenyans journalists