Little-Known Career of Gideon Moi's Son

  • Kigen Moi
    Kigen Moi (Far Right) with friends.
  • Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.

    It would be safe to say Gideon Moi's firstborn - Kigen Moi, was simply born great.

    His grandfather (Daniel Arap Moi) ruled the country for a record 24 years, going on to amass wealth so vast, no records have been able to accurately estimate the family's net worth.

    However, Kigen has chosen to live his life out of the limelight, with appearances on any media platform a thing rarity.

    Mug Mugs tournament From left: Natasha Tisminieszky, Kigen Moi, William Millar and Kimoi Moi after winning 2018 Mug Mugs Polo tournament on Sunday.

    Moi's grandkid's love for the sport of polo is one of the only things he has been unable to keep under wraps.

    Despite being a student at the University of Bristol in the UK, he plays the sport professionally.

    In Kenya, it is still the ‘game of kings’ because the players are generally from the upper echelons of society and also because the high cost involved has conspired to put the game beyond the reach of the ordinary man and woman.

    In 2014, at the Nanyuki Polo Challenge Cup, Kigen Moi got one over on his father, when Kigen’s team – Samsung Tab 4 – beat his dad’s team Samsung Note Pro 5, 5–2.

    His career in what is often dubbed as the rich man's game may not be known to most, but in the Kenyan circle of accomplished players, he is mentioned alongside titans such as The Savage brothers, Quentin and Russell,  Brian Perry, the current chairman of the Kenya Polo Association, Phillip Arungah and Raphael Nzomo.

    Kigen is the eldest child to Gideon and Zahra Moi and has two siblings – brother Kimoi and sister Lulu Moi.

    Kigen Moi in full flight during a game of polo.