Pastor Ng'ang'a Discloses Troubled Life After Wife's Death

  • Pastor James Ng'ang'a of the Neno Evangelism Centre, is mostly known for his controversial remarks and televised stunts, however, very few know of his tribulations.

    In a preaching session published online by his Sasa TV on Saturday, November 16, the controversial pastor narrated a period where he was struck by several successive tragedies.

    While giving a bible reference of different seasons, Ng'ang'a opened up to his flock on a season that saw him count loses among them his wife.

    Pastor James Ng'ang'a during a service in Mombasa on Saturday, November 16.

    "Since my wife died I went through a trying season," he began.

    He went on to painfully narrate how a crusade he held in Uhuru Park went south after the congregation suffered a grenade attack.

    In the June 13, 2010 tragedy, past reports by Daily Nation indicated that the attack resulted in 6 deaths and 104 injuries.

    "During the same period, we held a Crusade in Uhuru Park and were bombed there, no one has ever gone back. We all went silent," Ng'ang'a recalled.

    After the incident, the pastor disclosed that his church was demolished and his spouse would later lose her life.

    "The municipal tractor came and demolished my church, my wife passed on, we had one court case after another," he narrated.

    Ng'ang'a's Neno Evangelism Centre along Haile Selassie Avenue in Nairobi was demolished in June 2011 exactly one year after the Uhuru park incident.

    It was later rebuild on Pumwani Road in Nairobi and has since given rise to several branches in the country. 

    The cause of his wife's death, however, remains unknown but he remarried in 2012, tying the knot with Mercy Murugi the Windsor Golf Club.