Jeff Koinange's Guest Dares Him to Quit Mid-bulletin[VIDEO]

  • Citizen TV news anchor Jeff Koinange was on Wednesday, November 20, dared to quit by his 11-year-old guest, Joseph Ndari Ndegwa, during a live broadcast.

    Ndegwa, a class five pupil from Ololulung'a Day Primary School, Narok County, took social media by storm after his imitation of Jeff Koinange went viral. 

    His near-perfect imitation of the renowned news anchor set the stage for a date between Ndegwa and Koinange as co-hosts on JKLive.

    Ndegwa debuted on Citizen TV by ushering in the Wednesday night prime time news.

    Joseph Ndegwa Ndari ushers in JK Live on Wednesday, November 20 after his imitation of Jeff Koinange went viral.

    Mini-Jeff, as Koinange called him, stole the show as he role played Jeff Koinange's routine monologue of the show, from articulation, dramatic pauses between words and gestures all the way to an occasional sip from a cup of chocolate.

    Impressed by what Ndegwa could do, Jeff asked him what he aspired to be in the future. His answer was simple, a journalist.

    "So you want to be a journalist? You want to be me?" Jeff posed.

    Ndegwa nodded in agreement and further insisted on being able to do it at Citizen TV. His response prompted Jeff to ask him if he wanted to replace the veteran news anchor.

    "So should I retire?" Jeff queried.

    "Even right now," replied a confident Ndegwa.

    Joseph Ndegwa Ndari unleashes Jeff Koinange's trademark fire extinguisher on November 20.

    The Citizen TV news anchor lauded the ambitious pupil for his confidence and sheer determination towards realising his dreams.

    Ndegwa's imitation of Jeff Koinange came almost two weeks after another student, Lewis Saoli, also from Narok County, debuted on Citizen TV's news desk after a video of him imitating reporters went viral.

    News anchor Victoria Rubadiri and Lewis Saoli, a 15-year-old boy whose imitation of Citizen TV reporters went viral. He was invited for an interview on Wednesday, November 6, 2019