Jowie Emotionally Narrates Miserable Life at Kamiti Prison 

  • Life in prison has not been a bed of roses for Joseph Irungu alias Jowie who is facing trial over the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani on the evening of September 19, 2018.

    Opening up on his woes at Kamiti Maximum Prison, Daily Nation first reported on Jowie's misery on Sunday, November 24.

    Jowie first disclosed that he has since been held in isolation, where he is denied contact with other prisoners or even warders.

    Kamiti Maximum Prison in Kiambu County. Jowie has been held in isolation in the same Prison.

    In the Friday, November 22, interview, he went ahead to point out that he been deserted by those he thought were close to him except his family and a handful of friends.

    His visitors are only allowed to be in contact with him for exactly 10 minutes.

    This has not been favourable for his parents who have constantly visited him every Tuesday, travelling all the way from Nakuru.

    “At least every Tuesday, my parents come to see me. They travel from Nakuru to Kiambu every week. Since this is a maximum-security prison, you can imagine someone who left Nakuru at 6 am to come and see you early is given only ten minutes to talk to you. And it’s strictly 10 minutes,” he narrated.

    His friends from Dubai were not spared either as they were also granted exactly 10 minutes.

    “Some of my friends think they’ll have 30 minutes or one hour of speaking with me. They are given 10 minutes and wonder: ‘We took a flight to come to talk to you for 10 minutes, surely?’” he lamented.

    The prosecution referred the court to viral photos of Jowie posing with large guns for which he did not produce a licence. Describing him as a dangerous man, the prosecution said he posed a great danger to witnesses should he be released. The judge agreed.

    Jowie is one of the 9 prisoners kept under isolation at Kamiti. Warders from other areas of the prison are not allowed to get close to his cell.

    Solitary confinement also dictates that he cannot be ferried to hospital for medical attention like other prisoners. A physician is instead brought to him instead.

    “Staying here has made me realise that mosquitoes can be ruthless. Mosquito nets are a luxury. Your work is to fight with the insects, crushing them against the wall,” he complained.

    Jowie who has been in isolation for 431 days since his he was last in court on Thursday, revealed that he is only allowed 5 minutes on phone, should he wish to make a phone call using the welfare phone provided.

    “We are Kenyans, and our greetings last five minutes. With that, I can’t say anything with my lawyer or ask him for one thing or the other. What can you say in five minutes?” Jowie questioned. 

    He has to spend most of his day sunbathing and reading books between the three meals, the last that comes at 4.30 pm.

    In order to get a book to read, he has to make a written application and present it to the officers guarding him who will, in turn, give it to the officers in charge of the library. In the occasion that the application is approved, he gets the book.

    Jowie who claims he is really suffering will be present his plea for his release on bond on Thursday, November 28 hearing.

    The judge had denied him bond on October 30, 2018, on grounds that he might interfere with witnesses.

    His co-accused former news anchor Jacque Maribe was released on a Ksh2 million bond or Ksh1 million cash bail, with three sureties.

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