Sonko Opens up On Returning to Shimo La Tewa Prison

  • Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Sunday, November 24, spoke on claims that he is expected to complete his sentence at Shimo la Tewa Maximum Security Prison in Kilifi county.

    Taking to his Facebook, the Nairobi Governor angrily denied claims that he escaped from the Prison.

    "The Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) states that I am required to go back to Shimo la Tewa prison to serve the remaining sentence in criminal cases 1727 of 1996 and 675 of 1997. They're not telling Kenyans that the same sentences were quashed and reduced the period already served by the high court vide High court criminal appeal no. 80 of 2001," he posted.

    A section of a scanned copy of Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko's High Court sentence posted on November 24.

    This is was in response to an article by Daily Nation that the correctional facility had called on EACC to ensure that Sonko serves his pending sentence as well as be charged for the offence of escaping from prison.

    Sonko further accused the anti-graft commission of attempting to obtain court records concerning his sentence illegally.

    "They were even attempting to steal the high court records but it never worked," the governor who claimed he would not be scared by EACC posted.

    Claiming that EACC was only trying to mislead the public even attached a copy of the decision by the High court to reduce his statement.

    "The applicant in Number CR case No. 1727 of 1996 and criminal case NO. 675 of 1997 which were ordered to run concurrently is hereby reduced to this period already served so as to ensure the immediate release of the applicant from prison unless otherwise lawfully held. Release forthwith convict KAM/1255/2000/LS Mbuvi Gideon Kioko unless otherwise lawfully held. Confirm the action taken," the statement read in part.

    Sonko's communication director Jacob Elkanah who spoke to further backed Sonko's revelation declared that,"Those are Last kicks of a dying horse, they (EACC), have lost many cases against my boss (the Governor), what they doing now is called PR, Propaganda and doctoring documents like those from prison."

    EACC had stated that Sonko had mysteriously left the facility on April 16, 1998, a month after his incarceration at the correctional facility.

    On November 15, 2000, the officer in charge of Industrial Area Remand Prison reportedly sent a signal to Shimo la Tewa stating that Sonko had been remanded awaiting other criminal offences.

    This saw him labelled as a dangerous criminal and was therefore transferred to Kamiti Maximum Prison under number KAM/1255/001.

    Sonko has had several back and forths with the Commission on a number of occasions disclosing that EACC was out to frustrate him due to his sustained fight against land grabbing in Nairobi.  

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