Change of KDF, Police Recruitments Process Proposed

  • In the BBI team's recommendations submitted to President Uhuru Kenyatta and other leaders on November 26, the report proposes that a consortium in the private sector be involved to conduct the rigorous exercise.

    Enshrined in Chapter Six of the recommendations, the committee states;

    “We note with profound concern that recruitment into the public service, and especially the disciplined services, has been corrupted with potential recruits having to pay bribes that cause many to start their careers with an act of corruption. We must innovate to solve this crisis,” read the report.

    A photo of the KDF recruitment process

    “Regarding the disciplined services and forces, consider utilizing a consortium of private sector recruitment companies with internationally reputable brands to building bridges to a united Kenya,” further read the report.

    Cases of corruption have marred recruitment processes for the police and the Kenya Defence Forces, where officials collude to offer jobs to people with vested interests. 

    The process of recruitment should later be followed by the publication of shortlisted Kenyans.

    In a move that also aims at indirectly easing the process of recruitment for the disciplined forces, Kenyans will also be subjected to voluntary training for six months in national service.

    “All Kenyans should voluntarily give six months of their lives to national service between the ages of 18 and 26, as a means of developing personal responsibility through service to others. All Kenyans should be encouraged to give their time to volunteering and service,” outlined the document.

    KDF officers take part in tree planting exercise at Modika Barracks, garissa county on November 6

    “There should be a national volunteer network that allows efforts that need volunteers to sign on and be connected to those who want to serve; this network should also offer certification of completed volunteering stints,” further read the report.

    The process shall, however, consider having appropriate incentives give an added advantage in public job considerations.

    On October 16, the National Assembly cancelled the KDF recruitment scheduled for October 28 in a bid to ensure that the exercise takes place at the sub-county level.

    This was intended to reduce instances of corruption and also provide closer scrutiny of the process.