EXCLUSIVE: Why Njugush Quit Govt Job After Two Weeks [VIDEO]

  • Renowned comedian Timothy Ndegwa Kimani popularly known as Njugush is a hilarious character who never fails to leave his audience in stitches, however, beneath the bubbly personality is a man whose journey of grass to grace would inspire anyone.

    Speaking exclusively to Kenyans.co.ke, Njugush narrated how he quit a government job after only two weeks, to pursue his passion.

    Unknown to many, Njugush is a trained journalist who started his career at KBC.


    "I was attached at KBC at one point in my journalism career and I quit after two weeks because I did not want to lose my slot in a drama play because the team was going to Mombasa," he began.

    Njugush only took up acting because he had been unable to find a job along the lines of what he trained for.

    "I never considered acting as a career, to me it was just something I did in place of journalism," he admitted.

    Acting then became a passion and when the Mombasa function came up,  the comedian was scared of losing his role in the play, especially since it was very competitive. 

    Njungush admitted that he had not been to Mombasa and did not want to miss out on the free trip.

    "My first paying job was at a hotel, where I worked as a dishwasher. It was a beautiful job because I got free food," he joked.

    He once dropped a pile of plates and the week's pay was instantly deducted because they charged him for every plate that broke.

    The comedian also tried his hand in the world of online writing but it was also short-lived because his client vanished before paying him.

    He later tried acting in KTN's Hapa Kule News show before landing a role as Njugush in The Real Househelps of Kawangware, a popular show that still airs on NTV.

    He, however, quit the show in May 2016, citing changes in scripting and directing. He described that particular decision as the best mistake he ever made.

    "It was a beautiful mistake because it enabled me to tread the deep waters that eventually opened new doors for me to which I am eternally grateful," Njugush pointed out.

    Despite people describing the worst-case scenarios of actors who had quit and ended up miserable, none discouraged him. He currently pursues comedy full time.

    Here's a video of his narration.