Kalekye Mumo Schools 'Lazy' Jobless Kenyans Asking Her For Help

  • Renowned media personality Kalekye Mumo on Thursday, November 27, bluntly schooled job seekers she defined as lethargic in a strongly-worded tweet that rubbed Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) the wrong way, with some reading arrogance in her advice that pulled the veil on apparent wishful thinking in the millennial generation. 

    “Don’t go inboxing & Dming [direct messaging] people who you think have made it or have some sort of influence “get me a job, any job” SELL YOURSELF. Why should anyone help you? What are your strengths & in this economy can you not do it on your own? Nobody legit woke up like this. We worked for it!”

    Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, Kalekye played down the reactions of KOT and clarified that her intention was not to offend anyone but to offer honest advice. She highlighted the enduring trend of job seekers insistent on demanding positions without bothering to demonstrate their worth. 

    Barely an hour after making her post, several Kenyans viciously responded on Twitter prompting her to reply individually to most of them with even more brutal honesty that forced some to back down.

    A photo of Kalekye Mumo. She accused some Kenyans of demanding for positions without laying a proof of what they can do.

    “I just meant to give real advice that many people don’t want to hear. Some people just pop up to your inbox demanding that you find them jobs without even trying to prove themselves.

    “The idea that someone is in the public domain doesn’t necessarily mean that they have positions up their sleeves. Maybe they don’t even have any power to it,” expressed Kalekye.

    The followers were not to drop the conversation with the presenter.

    Austo wrote;

    “There is no pain in passing down the ladder as you climb up. Drop the pride[sic]”

    Patrick mutinda wrote;

    “We understand it, (sometimes out of desperation you ask for help, any help).  That person looks at you as a mentor. You just took a gun and pulled the trigger on his/her last hope!...be nice we all need help despite making it or having influence”

    Generali went further to request the radio queen to drop the conversation and use her potential to assist desperate Kenyans. 

    Another user wrote, “Just help people. Someone helped you too.”

    Kalekye Mumo asked Kenyans to embrace technology as a method of getting positions

    Kalekye Mumo took replying to almost every comment making it clear that some Kenyans did not have it in them to embrace real advice as some were keen to rely on getting things done for them without effort.

    “I don’t have jobs at my disposal. Just [because] we are in the public eye doesn’t mean we own the companies that can employ. Do you DM the MD of your bank or TV station for a job?”

    “Passing down is possible. However, as the advice says - market yourself [and] don’t just ask for anything. I don’t know you or how to help you: ask relevant questions.”

    A few users accentuated her point;

    “Bro, it’s advise. DM and market yourself. Don’t just say 'get me a job' and not tell me what you are good at. Also jobs don’t grow on trees and just [because] one is in the limelight doesn’t mean they have access to jobs. Keep calm,” one user added to the ensuing conversation.

    Kalekye further challenged the youth to take advantage of social media to serve their aspirations.

    “It’s time people use technology well to their advantage. I personally took five years before I got an opportunity in my first career. I had to record tapes and practically take them to capital to prove my capability,” remarked Kalekye.