'Twa Twa' Pastor Catches Lulu Hassan & Rashid Offguard on Citizen TV [VIDEO]

  • Pastor Susan Munene who has come to be known as the Twa Twa Pastor after a clip of her preaching on marital issues went viral, appeared at Citizen TV studios hosted by media power couple Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla.

    On Saturday, November 30, the Minister at Overcomers Ministries in Kasarani, Nairobi, addressed various issues that were affecting current marriages.

    While explaining her reasoning behind her viral remarks, Pastor Susan who is also a marriage counsellor together with her husband stated that lack of sex was a cause of many marital disputes.

    In sentiments, She affirmed her position that couple had to make time to engage with each other conveying that children should not be a reason not to.

    Pastor Susan Munene

    "You should be creative if you want to have time together. Keep the children engaged with other tasks. Children are obedient, so the father can direct them to count either rice or beans up to whatever number... even up to 500," she disclosed.

    The remark appeared to have astonished Rashid as he asked, "Really, isn't that torture to the child?"

    Pastor Susan held her stance, "Yes, the children should not hear what the parents are doing. The point is to keep the children busy until the couple is done."

    Adding that spending time together was essential, the pastor stated that couples not communicating and making time together was what was leading many marriages to divorce.

    The marriage counsellor further stated that material things couldn't keep a marriage going as the attraction stemmed from other qualities.

    She added that the reason why many people were unhappy was due to some need not being fulfilled. 


    "The husband hates to be a beggar, a bother and a burden. If you make him feel like these things, he starts looking for other alternatives, like masturbation and other means."

    At this point, Lulu Hassan interjected the pastor as she quickly called for the discussion to conclude.

    Pastor Susan clarified that her remarks were not made in church, rather in a conference for married couples.

    Here is the video courtesy of Citizen TV: