Man Narrates How He Got Trapped at Fourteen Falls for Three Days

  • Vincent Musila, who works as a fisherman, is counting his lucky stars after he survived being trapped at Fourteen Falls for three days.

    A shaken but relieved Musila revealed that he had gone on a fishing expedition at the Athi River in Thika Constituency when he got stranded at an island.

    He went fishing on Friday evening when the weather was clear only to be caught up by floodwaters after it had rained heavily upstream. 

    "I had gone to catch some fish but then the water volumes rose quickly and I was unable to leave. As the night progressed, the river began to swell following heavy downpour upstream and even swept away my canoe as I sought refuge in an island within the river, " he told journalists.

    Vincent Musila

    He disclosed that he braved fatigue, hunger, mosquitoes and despair as he waited to be rescued as the water volumes threatened to sweep him away.

    He spent three chilly nights at the spot fearing for the worst as heavy rains pounded the area. 

    Musila was safely rescued on Sunday, December 1, using a national police service helicopter following a call from Thika Town MP Patrick Wainaina.

    He stated that he feared wild animals including crocodiles, hippopotamuses that are plenty in the river would get to him before he was rescued.

    After the successful rescue, Musila, a Christian, declared that was born again. "From today, I have surrendered to God as I have seen death with my own eyes."

    Here is the video of the dramatic rescue: