Truth Behind Missing Plane Destined For Wilson Airport

  • The government, through the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA), has put into perspective the events that rocked Wilson Airport on the morning of Tuesday, December 3.

    Rumours swirled online that a plane from Rusinga Island which was destined to land at Wilson Airport at around 9:30 a.m. had gone missing with an estimated 6 people on board.

    "An emergency landing being expected at Wilson Airport in a few minutes. All motorists and residents around Langata road near Wilson airport be vigilant and alert. Keep safe," warned Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko beforehand.

    In a letter, KCAA explained that there was no emergency at the airport and that what was being experienced was an aviation search and rescue drill.

    "The aviation search and rescue exercise dubbed 'Okoa Maisha Asarex 2019' was aimed at assessing the state's level of preparedness in coordination, communication, command and control of the National Aeronautical Search and Rescue System in responding to an aviation incident or accident.

    "Additionally, the exercise sought to address any gaps within the current Standard Operating Procedures in order to ensure a swift emergency response," read the letter in part.

    KCAA Director General Gilbert Kibe, who was also part of the exercise, noted that the drill had been planned for a year and that the exercise was a success.

    "The exercise will help us gauge the preparedness of the government agencies that are part of the National Aeronautical Search and Rescue System in responding to an aviation incident or accident with the aim of improving efficiency in response time.

    "This exercise being the first of its kind in the region was meticulously planned for over a year. The planning process involved communication and desktop exercises culminating in the full-scale drill with independent evaluators on board," stated Kibe.

    A letter released by KCAA informing the public of a drill at Wilson Airport on Tuesday, December 3, 2019.