Sonko Shielded From Trading Blows With Police

  • Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was shielded from being assaulted by an angry police officer in blue uniform who was provoked by the governor at an airstrip in Voi, on Friday, December 6.

    In the video seen by, the governor who was resisting arrest on Friday, December 6, resorted to biting the fingers of officers who wanted to handcuff him.

    A visibly frustrated Sonko further went on to provoke an officer by hurling insults at him. The drama escalated as the officer fully charged at him, trying to assault him by trading blows.

    Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko in handcuffs after he was arrested on Friday, December 6

    The governor was shielded by other officers who then calmed down the infuriated officer.

    Exiled lawyer, Miguna Miguna took to social media to blast President Uhuru Kenyatta for allegedly betraying Mike Sonko.

    According to Miguna, Kenyatta and Sonko were close buddies and his government should not have forcefully arrested and assaulted Sonko.

    "Kenyatta's arrest and his goons' physical assault of Sonko has nothing to do with the "fight against corruption". Uhuru imposed Sonko on Nairobi and they have been close drinking buddies. He should take his deputy William Ruto head-on instead of fighting him through proxies the same way that his father Jomo fought his deputy Jaramogi Odinga Odinga through proxies from 1966 to 1978.

    "Sonko should have been summoned to Central Police Station or EACC head office in Nairobi then arrested, charged and taken to court in a regular manner. Wasting millions of shillings to fly 150 police officers to Voi was a waste of public resources," Miguna opined.

    In a press release to Media houses through county director of communications, Jacob Elkanah, the governor asserted that he was well-prepared to fight the accusations levelled against him.

    "Reports from EACC that l was arrested while trying to run away are another proof that the body is so much interested in playing politics.  Why would l run away?

    "To where and to do what?" the governor wondered. 

    The governor suffered a major blow after the judge declined to release him on bail, a move that forces Sonko to spend the weekend in police custody.

    Governor Mike Sonko after being arrested on Friday, December 6, 2019

    Video: Citizen TV