Questions Raised as Jowie Mysteriously Disappears From Prison

  • Joseph Irungu alias Jowie's mother, Anastacia, cut the figure of a distraught parent on Monday, December 9, as she claimed that she could not find her son during a routine visit to the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison on Friday, December 6.

    Speaking to the Daily Nation, she narrated how prison wardens at the prison could not present Jowie during her visit.

    According to her statement, the officer in charge informed them that the suspect in Monica Kimani's murder had been moved on the very same day, to Manyani Maximum Security Prison in Voi, Taita Taveta County.

    "He has been taken to Manyani and his next appearance in court is in February. It's like they want to do something to him," a frantic Anastacia stated.

    Jacque Maribe and Joseph Irungu at a Milimani court on October 15, 2018 where they were charged with murdering Monica Kimani.

    "The prison officer says it's a normal transfer but our lawyer says he has never heard of something like that," she added.

    Mwachiro Zoka, an officer at the Shanzu Law Courts, while speaking to stated that it was very unusual for a remandee to be moved.

    "That is a bit strange as the only time such an individual can be moved is if he has a court appointment set to be heard in the town in question. The prison may also move such an individual incase of security concerns. It is not something that happens quite often, but the prison reserves the right to determine if the individual should be moved under such circumstances," he disclosed.

    In my professional career, I have never come across such a case," he added.

    Irungu's lawyer, Hassan Nandwa, on his part stated that he had not made any petition nor request for a transfer, making the alleged shift to Manyani prison quite peculiar.

    Jowie's family last saw him on November 29, during his bond hearing which was adjourned to February.

    They are currently heading to Voi to confirm that he was indeed moved to the said prison.

    "We have to see if he is okay and if indeed he is there," Anastacia told the Daily Nation.

    Joseph Irungu alias Jowie in court on November 21, 2019