Man Dramatically Rescued From Floods Despite Failed Chopper Efforts [VIDEO]

  • Kiambu County Fire Department had to go the extra mile on Monday, December 9 to rescue a man from imminent death after he was thrown into a flooded river during an argument.

    Speaking to reporters after the rescue, Patrick Makau, a casual labourer, had been accused of stealing from his neighbour and was pushed into the flooded River Ruiru. 

    As the raging waters swept him away he held onto everything that was in his sight and lucky enough he landed on an island within the flooded river.

    Kiambu Fire Fighters during a past training session. They used hanging ropes to rescue a man trapped midstream a flooded river.

    Passersby noticed his cries for help and alerted the authorities.

    According to the leader of the operation, a chopper had come to help with the rescue mission but could not make a safe landing and they opted to use other means.

    The fire department threw a rope to where Makau was and he grabbed onto it for dear life before being pulled out of the river. 

    "The chopper had come for the rescue mission but because of the situation on the ground could not allow it to land, as the trees and the ground level wasn't ideal,"  he stated.

    In related news, a woman and her daughter were swept in Githunguri, Kiambu County after they slipped from a makeshift bridge while heading to church on Sunday, December 8, 2019. 

    Antony Njuguna a son to the deceased mother, stated that he witnessed the incident but was unable to save them. 

    "I saw them slip and they were carried away by the fast water. I saw they disappear," Njuguna recalled.