Popular Billionaire Who Aided Julie Gichuru's Career

  • The world woke up to the sad news of Tanzanian mogul Ali Abdul Mufuruki's death on Sunday, December 8, in South Africa.

    Media personality Julie Gichuru was among the many who took to social media to express their sadness at the demise of the man with whom they shared a special connection.

    She gave a moving tribute to the billionaire whom she termed as a mentor, not only to her, but to the many who had been fortunate enough to pass through his hands.

    Julie Gichuru cozies up with the late Ali Abdul Mfuruki Jul 28, 2016, during the Althorp Literary Festival in the UK.

    "You did not have to take the mantle of leadership, but you did. For so many who do not know who you are and what you did, we ALI Fellows must commit to impact analysis; we must show the world that it is possible for one person to make a huge difference; to step up and stretch; to believe and inspire," she wrote.

    Gichuru was an Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI) fellow in the year 2008, which was famously termed as the second liberation class.

    The Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI) was designed to invest in effective, values-based and enlightened leadership on the continent.

    Fellows in the program attend four seminars (within four days) over a period of two years, during which they are trained on creating positive social change in the community, country and region of their origin with a project of their choice.

    ALI was launched in 2001 as a collaborative effort of seven partner organisations in Africa and the United States – Infotech Investments (Tanzania), The Aspen Institute (United States), CETA Construction Services (Mozambique), the Databank Foundation (Ghana), LEAP Africa (Nigeria), The Letsema Foundation (South Africa), and Techno Serve (Africa and United States)

    For ALI to be in operation, it depends on an inflow of funds, and one of the key contributors to the kitty was the late billionaire Ali Mufuruki alongside other top names like Rockefeller Foundation and Google.

    Julie Gichuru developed a close working relationship with the philanthropist during her fellowship.

    Tanzania billionaire passed on on December 7, 2019, in South Africa,

    "Thank you for believing in so many. Thank you for mentoring so many. Thank you for mapping a better path for Africa. Thank you, and goodbye for now my friend and teacher. I know I will see you again. Rest in greatness Ali," Gichuru mourned.