Popular US Musician Sneaks Into Kenya

Endeared American musician, Selena Gomez, famed for her hit, The Heart Wants What It Wants, spent almost 10 days in Kenya without attracting media attention, despite her popularity. 

According to her fan pages, the songwriter and actress, 27, was in Kenya in early December doing community work.

She also visited schools under construction in collaboration with the WE Organization.

Celebrated American actress Selena Gomez

WE is an international charity and educational partner. It operates collaborative programs on an international scale.

In Africa, it partners with communities to implement WE Villages, a holistic, five-pillar international development model designed to achieve sustainable change.

Together with local leaders and families, the organisation transforms lives with solutions that are adaptive, effective and sustained long term by the community itself.

Selena has is expected to launch her new album, 'SG2' in January 2020.

"While the whole media and many fans were complaining about her current disappearance and not promoting her highly anticipated upcoming album, Selena Gomez spend a whole week in Kenya, was helping out people in need, giving charities and funding for schools to be built," one Xoxo Selenator tweeted.

In May 2019, rapper Kennedy Ombima alias King Kaka, met Selena at the Cannes Festival in France, becoming the first Kenyan artiste to grace the festival in its 72 years of existence.

“Ohh that’s me and Selena Gomez. Dedicating this post to all Kenyan girls. Believe you are strong, believe you are capable and believe anything is possible. Inspiration from Selena Gomez for each one of you,” King Kaka captioned a photo of the two. 

Selena Gomez with King Kaka at the Cannes Film Festival, France, in May 2019
Selena Gomez (second left) poses for a selfie with children during her visit to Kenya in December 2019
Selena Gomez hanging out with women as she partnered with an NGO in Kenya, during her low-key visit to Kenya in December 2019