Lilian Muli's Guest Tackles Celebrity Bullies

  • Citizen TV anchor Lilian Muli hosted award-winning beauty queen Tracy Nduati as they discussed how people viewed beauty and why they should refrain from trolling plus size women. 

    Lilian on Thursday, December 5, had told that Citizen TV Managing Director Wachira Waruru taught her not to take the hate remarks to heart. 

    'Those of you who have watched us over the years know that we started Slim Possible right here on Citizen TV about seven or eight years ago. I know the struggles. I myself started doing Slim Possible when I had 58 kgs. Life happened after that and I had a baby, so there is a story behind every woman's conversation around weight," Lilian stated. 

    Citizen TV anchor Lilian Muli with Tracy Nduati after an interview on Newsmakers on Friday, December 13, 2019. The model spoke on challenges facing plus size women

    She went on to proclaim that she hosted Nduati after witnessing a case of bullying targeted at a fellow woman online. 

    "Big girls struggle for their weight. Small size women in the society, size four or size six, are accepted than size 20 or size 22. What hurts me most is those girls who struggle with their weight and are mocked," Nduati weighed in. 

    The model disclosed that while growing up, she struggled with her weight and was traumatised after being trolled. 

    "I started adding weight when I was almost nine years. I stood out, but I did not know something was wrong with me. My family members commented that maybe my body size had grown out of an eating habit. That hurts every child as they wonder what's wrong with them for being different," Ms Nduati shared.

    She also delved on how plus-size women found it difficult to date, without being trolled. 

    "When it comes to dating, a man can smell when a woman is not courageous and some pry on that. They make you feel confident at home and take you out for movies at night. The woman feels that she is being loved, but that's sheer hypocrisy," Nduati opined.

    The trained chef and pilot, went on to advise women on how to deal with bullies and social media hate remarks.

    "The persons who mock you are entitled to their opinions. However, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and if someone is not your type then you don't have to abuse them. The women need to go back to the mirror and love themselves, raise their self-esteem," she advised. 

    She also revealed that fashion brands had started focusing on plus size women as the world changed perspective. 

    Miss Kenya plus-size beauty queen Tracy Nduati who appeared on Citizen TV on Friday, December 13, 2019. The model spoke on challenges facing plus size women