Speculations Rise After Lilian Muli's Announcement

Popular Citizen TV anchor Lilian Muli caught her fans by surprise with an unprecedented announcement on social media.

On Thursday, October 24, the endeared anchor took to Instagram to inform her nearly 1 million followers that she was taking a break from social media.

"Taking a break from social media. All is well and I will be back soon. The purpose of the break is to reboot. I love you all. Keep shining and see you all soon," Muli posted on Instagram. 

At a time when social media personalities are minting big money from their followers and the ubiquity of social media communication that is nearly becoming a primary source of current affairs, questions lingered over what had triggered the anchor's decision.

Citizen TV's Lilian Muli after interviewing Embakasi East MP Babu Owino on Friday, August 2, 2019

Her fans swiftly responded, with some speculating that she may be pondering over her next career move. Others asked her whether she was taking her time, meditating before dropping a bombshell.

Her announcement came as a surprise, because for the longest time, Muli has been posting on Instagram almost on a daily basis, and sometimes would even take time to reply to comments from her vast fan base.

Her vantage status as a revered news anchor and her apparent precision in creating an impressive online persona has earned her about 800,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Most of her posts resonate around fashion and in-studio photos with colleagues like Bernard Ndong. She also does campaigns on her page, marketing financial clients who are out to sell apartments or homes.

A sample of reactions of worried Lilian Muli's fans after she took a break from social media life on October 24, 2019

Some of her fans also find her passion for food and travelling exciting. Social media helps celebrities keep in touch with their fans, but at times it comes with the dangers of fans prying into their lives, nosing around for information that would enable them to troll the stars.  

When sought for comment, Muli urged her fans to calm down as she tranquillized the anxiety that rose from her announcement.

"There is nothing to be worried about. I am just resting. That's all," Muli calmly responded while speaking with Kenyans.co.ke on phone.

It thus follows that the speculation building around her announcement is nothing short of morbid curiosity given several other instances where social media users have chosen to take a step back from their online space.

In October 2019, Arnelisa Muigai, a CEO in one of the top corporate companies also pressed pause on her social media life.

"Unfortunately I am going to disappear on you, but I will be back soon God willing," Muigai stated. 

Another sample of reactions of worried Lilian Muli's fans after she took a break from social media life on October 24, 2019

It has now become commonplace for the government, lawyers and even media personalities to issue impromptu press releases and statements on social media as a formal channel never-before regarded as such.

This was witnessed by Muli's colleague Hussein Mohammed who stunned his workmates and fans when he took to Twitter to call it quits after a stellar career at the country's most-watched broadcaster.

Reports had it that Mohamed's colleagues had not anticipated his move, especially because of the fact that he was their top political host. 

Muli is a social media sensation who entertains her fans with stunning posts, videos and quotes about her social life and work.