Watch NTV's Jane Ngoiri Work as Matatu Tout

  • They say that laughter is the best medicine, well, NTV journalists Salim Juma and Jane Ngoiri shared a hilarious video of themselves playing the role of rowdy matatu conductor's on Saturday, December 14.

    In the video, Jane goes as far swinging from the door of the NTV land cruiser, mimicking the peculiar habit of Nairobi makangas.

    The due go on to rowdily call out for passengers in a manner that would feel right at home on Tom Mboya street during rush hour.

    Jane has since established that the video was taken while they were in Kwale, Kilifi County.

    NTV journalist Jane Ngoiri.

    "Safari ya kuelekea Nairobi ndio hiyo. Asanteni sana wakaazi wa Kwale kwa kutukaribisha kwa mikono miwili na moyo mkunjufu, loosely translating to, the journey to Nairobi now begins. We are thankful to the people of Kwale for their warm welcome," she stated on her Instagram page.

    The bubbly NTV presenter is no stranger when it comes to hilarious videos, having recently shared a video of herself singing alongside Genge artist Jua Cali, at the NTV studios.

    The duo jammed along to the veteran musician's Kwaheri song on Friday, September 20, and it was during the hook - sang by songstress Sanaipei Tande, that the cheery presenter got into her element.

    Despite fluffing her lines, Ngoiri kept going, occasionally shouting out the words she was sure of, at the top of her lungs.

    Here's the funny video of the two NTV journalists: