Uhuru Breaks Protocol for Children at State House

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday, December 19, broke protocol when he invited children to State House for a pre-Christmas party, allowing them access to some of the sensitive areas and amenities.

    The youngsters, from various children's homes across the country, were invited to partake in the festivities alongside children of the members of State House staff. 

    "President Uhuru Kenyatta and First Lady Margaret Kenyatta are currently hosting a party for State House staff children at State House, Nairobi. Children from various children's homes are also attending this year's party," a statement from PSCU stated.

    The children at State House Kenya on Thursday, December 2019.

    Unlike other years when the children were treated to a meal and a day of fun, the children this year turned the erstwhile solemn house on the hill into a playground of sorts, as they indulged themselves.

    The usually guarded president was seen openly mingling with the children who will live to remember the day.

    The children were thereafter allowed to play with other presidential items, including official vehicles such as the limousine, ambulance, presidential escort motorbike and the ceremonial Land Rover was not spared.  

    The youngsters were also allowed to play games from computer screens mounted at State House.

    The children and their minders were also allowed to freely take photographs which are normally restricted due to the security status of the installation.

    The organizers of the event also set aside tables for the children to engage in board games such as chess, to cap the joyous day at the house on the hill. 

    While some of the older ones skated, others engaged in painting and playing with the mascot, dressed as Mickey Mouse, who was there to entertain.

    The party was organized to mark the end of the year, after which a majority of the staff at State House would take their official Christmas break.

    Children playing around the Moi-era presidential escort vehicles.
    A party attendee having a moment on the president's escort bike.
    Children playing with the former presidents' official vehicle at Statehouse, Nairobi.

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