Man Mercilessly Clobbers 4 Chiefs in Chang'aa Den, Gets Released [VIDEO]

  • A Kiambu court, on Thursday, January 2, released on bail a man who had been arrested for clobbering four chiefs while resisting arrest in a chang'aa den at Wangige market, Kiambu County.

    According to a report by K24 Digital, the man attacked the local administrators who were on a mission to make the arrest on December 30, 2019, after many complaints were laid against the illicit brew seller by members of the public.

    The four; Samuel Mburu, Peter Gachuhi, Robert Muiruri, and Muigai Robert were later rushed to a hospital in the county where they received treatment.

    The man accused of beating up four chiefs in Wangige market on December 30, 2019 while resisting arrest.

    According to Mburu, who is the Wangige Location chief, the man has always managed to walk scot-free even after arrests.

    “We spotted him and proceeded to apprehended him where he resisted arrest and turned violent.

    “He hit me on the face and upper lip. My colleagues were also attacked,” remarked Mburu.

    The chief further indicated that they reported the matter at Kibiku Police Station.

    “This is a man we have arrested severally but the courts always release him on cash bails of low amounts.” 

    “We know him and he operates right from Wangige Market,” added Mburu.

    On his part, Gathiga Location chief Peter Gachuhi reiterated that local administrators were living in fear of attacks while executing their duties.

    “We are living in fear especially after hearing about instances where chiefs have been beaten up to death in various areas. We feel threatened because we don’t even have enough security,” remarked Gachuhi.

    During the case proceeding, the suspect’s lawyer asked the court to order for his release because he was the sole breadwinner for his family.

    Interior Cabinet secretary Fred Matiang'i leads a crackdown on illicit brews at Makawa, Gatundu North on March 2018

    The court released the suspect on a cash bail of Sh25,000 after he pleaded not guilty.

    He was also ordered to promptly report to the investigating bodies whenever he is called upon for questioning.

    The accused was also cautioned not to threaten or assault the victims or witnesses in the case.

    In May 2018, 4 assistant chiefs were attacked and injured by a bhang peddler who was resisting arrest at Chania in Gatundu North.

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