70 Women Rescued From Human Traffickers Den

  • Reports now confirm that a group of 70 women has been rescued from human traffickers following a raid by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) officers on a home care training institution on Sunday afternoon, January 5, in Limuru, Kiambu County.

    In a report published by the Daily Nation, Gulf Training Institution is owned by two directors identified as Gatitu Njoroge and Anne Wacu.

    The institution is alleged to recruit and train vulnerable women looking for jobs as domestic workers in Gulf countries. 

     domestic training courses in Kenya is huge as women hope to secure jobs.

    The two directors have been arrested and detained in police custody as suspects in the ongoing investigation by the DCI officers.

    According to DCI officer, Paul Makonge, the officers raided the institution upon receiving an anonymous tip, where they discovered 70 women held against their own will.

    ''These women were threatened not to say anything. They fear this Gatitu so much they call him baba and the lady mama. It's like they have been brainwashed'',  he stated.

    Makonge indicated that the women who all recorded statements revealed that not only were they held against their own will but the institution also served as a brothel.

    The police stated that the institution did have a business permit from the County Government of Kiambu but did not have a license to operate in Limuru. The revelation led investigators to believe that the existing permit may have been forged.

    ''What I was given were business permit documents from the County Government of Kiambu, but here in Limuru they have totally no documents.''

    The DCI further issued a stern warning to rogue business operators and human traffickers adding that the directorate would ensure the protection of vulnerable women and girls.

    ''Are we going to allow these vulnerable girls to be exploited? This matter should be taken with the weight in which it deserves.''

    Citizens have been urged to be on the lookout and investigate potential hirers especially with the backdrop of persistent unemployment in the country.

    Agnes Wairimu takes her students, who are planning to work in Saudi Arabia as domestic workers, through homecare lessons at East Africa Institute of Homecare Management on July 15, 2019.
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