Controversial Musician Fights Jubilee MP Over Ruto's 'Millions'

  • Popular Kikuyu musician Muigai Njoroge on Monday, January 14, lashed back at nominated MP Maina Kamanda over his earlier comments that indicated that some musicians from the Central Kenya region had been paid by Deputy President William Ruto to compose songs against President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    In a video posted on Facebook, Muigai rubbished Kamanda’s opinion terming it as misleading and skewed to gain political mileage.

    “I want to speak to Maina Kamanda who claims that I have been paid Ksh5 million to produce songs against President Kenyatta.”

    “I have sung many songs in the past which carry political messages. Who has been paying me for them? I think I should be very rich by now,” remarked Muigai.

    A collage image of musician Muigai Njoroge and nominated MP Maina Kamanda

    Muigai also urged Kamanda to desist from attacking musicians without grasping the meaning held in their compositions.

    “Get the meaning in the songs before castigating their composers. It may be very different from what you think it is.

    “You are a senior politician and you need to have self-respect. Many young politicians are observing you and need to copy positive things from you rather than sycophancy,” added Muigai.

    The controversial musician who further described Kamanda as a misguided politician accused the MP of misleading President Uhuru Kenyatta. 

    “We have never forgotten how you gave wrong advice to President Kibaki telling him that all is well in Nairobi in 2007. At the end of the day, ODM party ended up controlling the city.

    “I respect the president and everyone knows that I have composed many songs to show this. The president needs people who will tell him the truth rather than lying to him for personal gains,” added Muigai.

    During a press conference in Nairobi on Monday, January 13, Kamanda accused Deputy President William Ruto of paying popular musicians up to Ksh5 million from the Central Kenya region to release hit songs against the President.

    Nominated MP Maina Kamanda accompanied by DP William Ruto leaves an event in 2017

    "It is especially worse for people from Central because our President is being insulted every day and the Deputy President is picking up artists who can insult the president.

    "If you can make a song insulting the President, you get Ksh5 million. Just to sing one song in Central attacking the President, Ksh5 million," Kamanda alleged.