Ruto Details Plot to Imprison Him

Deputy President William Ruto gave an insight into the frustrations he was facing as an aspirant in the 2022 General Election, to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Numerous reports have stated how Ruto's convoy was allegedly withdrawn, how he was reportedly snubbed by President Uhuru Kenyatta in Mombasa and how the Director of Criminal Investigation George Kinoti, reopened a land fraud case against him.

However, in an interview with NTV's Ken Mijungu, on Thursday, January 23, Ruto disclosed that there was a group of people who had sent individuals to Kenya to revive the ICC cases against him.

Deputy President William Ruto with NTV's Ken Mijungu during an interview on Sidebar on Thursday, January 23

"There are characters who have already sent people to Kenya to resuscitate the ICC cases against me. They did not succeed in the former presidents' Daniel Moi case and Mwai Kibaki scenarios as during those eras, such cases were prominent. They will not succeed in this particular scenario. In fact, their failure will be spectacular," Ruto spoke. 

Kenyatta and Ruto faced charges for crimes against humanity in the ICC, Hague, Netherlands, over the 2007/08 post-election violence, as part of the group famously known as Ocampo Six. 

Ruto went on to reveal that he had spoken to National Intelligence Service Director General, Major General Philip Kamweru, about it. 

The DP further spoke on the land fraud case that DCI Kinoti reopened on Wednesday, January 22. Kinoti argued that he was not targeting Ruto, but was out to punish any individual who had stolen public property. 

"You never know what they are cooking. They are looking for witnesses to say that the case did not proceed well. 

"It doesn't take me by surprise. We have been here before. Every time there are succession politics, there have been cabals who want to manipulate politics in the hope they can install people who can serve their interests. In the Moi and Kibaki succession, these issues were common," Ruto stated. 

Ruto asserted that if he ascends to the presidency, there would be no corruption as every coin would be accounted for.

"There will be no corruption because there will be no money to steal, no coin will loiter around. Every coin will be used. The government will be functioning clockwise," Ruto argued. 

William Ruto (right) and his co-accused Joshua Kulei (centre) and Baringo Central MP Sammy Mwaita (left) in court October 26, 2010, over a Ksh 272 million fraud case


Video: NTV

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