10 Most Expensive Nursery Schools in Kenya

  • In Kenya, there is one phrase that is common among many, Education is the key to success. However, some keys are expensive and one may consider them a rare gem if landed upon by chance.

    Nursery school is one of the most important phases of education and in Kenya, young kids between the ages of three to five wake up as early as 4:30 a.m. for school, as parents dig deep to educate their children.

    However, there is a huge disparity between the schools the kids attend, however, this depends on the resources a parent has and how much they are willing to spend.

    In many of the schools, the amount of fees does not include enrolment fee, deposit fee, capital levy, caution and insurance fee. Lunch, snacks and transport fees are charged on parent's request. 

    Rusinga schools

    Speaking to Business Daily published on Friday, January 24, some parents affirmed that taking their children to the posh schools was not all about money.

    “There is more a parent pays for than a child getting an education. We pay for a child to acquire good mannerism, get the exposure that she would not have got in a normal school and learn in a pretty good environment.

    "My daughter doesn’t feel like she is really in school because they play and explore, which sparks their curiosity to learn more. For instance, they are allowed to take bikes to school. The school has a bike track. The school assembly is also open, allowing parents to participate," a parent stated. 

    Jane Mwangi, the Kenya Association of International Schools Head of Secretariat, argued that the institutions were preferred because they provide curricula that are skills and competence-based.

    "A teacher reports the progress of a particular child and assessment is mostly summative as opposed to formative. That is, is a pupil able to perform a task? That is why the schools charge that much for that quality of education. Despite the high fees, the pupils can read, write, express themselves, understand their bodies, go to the toilet unaccompanied and function independently than they could without this foundation,” Mwangi stated. 

    10. Rusinga Schools

    Located in the leafy suburb of Lavington in Nairobi, this is one of the best schools in the country. 

    The kindergarten is divided into four sections. Ages 2-3 attend a Butterflies Class, ages 3-4 a Ladybirds Class, ages 4-5 Busybees Class and ages 5-6 Beetles Class.  

    Activities in the kindergarten include ballet, swimming, P.E, monkeynastix (physicals exercises), horse riding, piano and guitar lessons (Age 5+), cookery and ICT. The students are also provided with milk at 10.00 a.m. and hot chocolate at 3.00 p.m. before they leave school.

    Fees for children aged between 2-6 years averages at Ksh 1,219,500 for three years.

    9. Nairobi International School

    Located along Maji Mazuri Road, off James Gichuru Road in Lavington, Nairobi, this international school is one of the best multi-cultural schools.

    In kindergarten, the pupils are given quality education in conjunction with a wide range of extracurricular activities such as karate, taekwondo, ballet and horse riding.

    Estimated fees for three years range at an average of Ksh 1,461,000.

    Nairobi International School

    8. Woodland Star International School

    Located within the evergreen town of Limuru, in the outskirts of Nairobi, the school, through child-centred teaching, places emphasis on the unique gifts and challenges that each child has.

    It is guided by the internationally bench-marked Common Core State Standards (Literacy and Mathematics), Next Generation Science Standards (Science), and the Early Years Learning Framework.

    After school activities include ballet, gymnastics, parkour and rollerblading.

    Estimated fees for three years range at an average of Ksh 1,527,270.

    Woodland Star International School

    7. Braeside School

    The co-educational international school is famous for it's British and Wales curriculum. It is located off Muthangari Road, in the leafy Lavington suburbs of Nairobi.

    Its day to day teacher-initiated and child-led activities inculcate values, knowledge and skills embedded within the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Effective Practice.

    Estimated fees for three years range at an average of Ksh 1,692,900


    6. Lycee Denis Diderot 

    This is one of the best international French schools in Nairobi, Kenya and Africa.

    It is located along Argwings Kodhek Road, Kilimani (near the Yaya Center), Nairobi.

    The chief objective of pre-school is to elicit the urge to go to learn, assert oneself and to form the student's personalities. 

    Estimated fees for three years range at an average of Ksh 2,074,980.

    Lycee Denis Diderot 

    5. Hillcrest International School 

    Hillcrest International School is a leading British curriculum-based school located along Langata Road, Nairobi, Kenya.

    The school enrols children from a tender age of 18 months. It also offers boarding resources for families that travel or live far.

    High expectations and standards of learning are embedded in its practice

    Co-curricular activities offered include Afro-Fusion Dance, Lamda and Monkeynastix.

    Estimated fees for three years range at an average of Ksh 2,197,050

    4. German School

    It offers a demanding, high-quality education for Germans as well as foreign-speaking children and for students from Kenya.

    Its bilingual, international kindergarten is an all-day facility and takes children between 18 months - 6 years of age into its toddler and kindergarten groups.

    Students enjoy library lessons, P.E lessons in the sports hall, music lessons in the music room, and foreign language, German, lessons.

    Estimated fees for three years range at an average of Ksh 2,435,406


    3. The Banda School

    Located along Magadi Road, opposite the Nairobi National Park, in the tranquil suburb of Karen, this International School is ranked among the best in Kenya and one of the largest Independent Association of Prep Schools (IAPS) outside the UK.

    Enormous effort went into setting up this international school’s infrastructure while peacefully co-existing with the wildlife.

    In the lower levels, emphasis is placed on pastoral care, academic achievement and through access to a broad and diverse range of extra-curricular activities such as orchestra, lamda and jazz dance. 

    Estimated fees for three years range at an average of Ksh 2,730,000.

    A student at the Banda school rides a horse at the school grounds

    2. Brookhouse International School

    This group of schools established in 1981 was synonymous with their yellow buses (before the Interior ministry gave a directive for all schools to paint their buses yellow) which are often seen plying the private residences in Runda and other leafy suburbs.

    Its Karen campus sits on14 acres, right adjacent to the Nairobi National Park.

    Renown for producing some of the most gifted musicians including the late E-sir among a host of gifted alumnus, their on-campus Burudani Theatre is a world-class performing arts venue for music concerts, drama performances, and other activities.

    Estimated fees for three years range at an average of Ksh 2,780,000

    A view of Brookhouse International School, Karen.

    1. Braeburn Garden Estate

    Braeburn Garden Estate School is a British curriculum school that offers international education to students from over 80 nationalities from ages 2 to 18.

    The school is located at Garden Estate Road Nairobi.

    Its Early Years Unit (EYU) caters for children from age two to five.

    Children also engage in activities such as music, nature walks, swimming, P.E, ICT, cooking and visiting the library.

    Estimated fees for three years range at an average of Ksh 2,961, 300.