Musician Who Performed for Uhuru Ready to Be Buried Alive [VIDEO]

  • Coastal Taarab musician Maulid Juma who rocked in the 1970s has now claimed that he is ready to be buried alive.

    Speaking to NTV on Saturday, January 25, the musician disclosed that he was living in a wanting situation where he could not even afford basic needs, let alone treatment. 

    He further pointed out that he had composed songs for President Uhuru Kenyatta, former presidents Daniel Moi and Mwai Kibaki, as well as Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko. 

    He also narrated that his health was deteriorating, his stomach was in severe pain, he could barely walk and his body was aching.

    One of the albums produced by Maulid Juma during the span of his career.

    "I was a fisherman, I never attended any school neither did I step into any classroom but I also took pieces of advice and my songs were full of pieces of advice.

    "I sang for Kibaki as well as for Uhuru and Sonko called me to Nairobi to sing for him and I worked for Moi for a long time," stated the singer.

    Other people who knew him had nothing but praises for his work since he was widely known in the Coast region for his prowess.

    "I knew Mzee Maulid since when we were young. He used to sing at weddings because I used to attend plenty of weddings. I loved listening to him," shared a friend of the singer, John Kaghenda.

    In the span of his career, the singer composed more than 45 songs and performed at weddings.

    His songs gravitated around love, politics and also issued warnings to Coast residents and the Country at Large.