How Homeless Orphan Became Deputy Governor 

  • Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors is an adage that rings true, especially in the context of Kajiado Deputy governor Martin Moshisho.

    His journey to the second most powerful office in Kajiado County is nothing short of remarkable, having started off homeless, orphaned and with little hope regarding his future.

    Speaking to the Daily Nation on January 26, a teary-eyed Moshisho narrated his fascinating life story.

    “Life was hard and unbearable, but my older siblings and villagers kept me on my toes,” he stated.

    Kajiado Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho and pupils of Upper Matasia Primary School cut a cake after launching a new ECDE complex at the school on July 12, 2018.

    His elderly parents passed away when he was still a young boy, with 15 siblings and no money, they were forced to live in conditions that would make many men shudder.

    However, his village and the local church took him in and decided to put him through school, enrolling him at Lele Primary School.

    After being taken in by a local pastor, the village kept their promise after he completed his primary school education in 2002, they sponsored him through his period at Kiluwani Secondary School.

    “I will forever be indebted to the church and my home villagers. I am obligated to give back to the community and at least ensure kids from poor families get access to formal education,” he elucidated.

    Moshisho then landed his first job as a kindergarten teacher before he was hired by the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) as a teacher at his former primary school.

    His prospects suddenly seemed brighter and with some savings as well as some input from his community, he was able to join Mt Kenya University where he successfully completed a diploma in banking, followed it up with a degree in business management - which he completed in 2014, and is currently pursuing a master's degree at the same institution.

    Kajiado Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho takes the oath of office at Masaai Technical Training Institute on August 18, 2017.

    Moshisho first dipped his toes in the world of politics by expressing his interest in the Matapato North Ward seat but was advised by his community against it.

    “Some elders advised me to instead continue drumming up support for the Jubilee Party. Miraculously, my name began being mentioned for the deputy governor’s position,” he revealed

    The rest, as they say, is history. His county boss, Joseph ole Lenku, named him as his deputy after he helped garner the much-needed votes in Matapato.

    The devout Christian was sworn in as Kajiado County deputy governor on August 18, 2019, making him one of the youngest deputies in the country.

    He has since dedicated himself to ensuring that every child in his county gets an education and the basic necessities that would kickstart their personal journeys.

    “Every politician has ambitions. But currently, I am serving faithfully under my boss to help him fulfill his campaign promises to the electorate. These are on education, health, water, and land, among others,” he maintained.

    The deputy governor currently resides in a house that sits on a 1 and 1/2 acre piece of land, not bad for someone who had no home, to begin with.

    He told the Daily Nation that he would one day like to give the highest office in the country a try.

    Kajiado County Governor Joseph ole Lenku taking oath of office at Masaai Technical Training Institute on August 18, 2017. Next to him is his wife, Edna