Police Watch as Suspects Down Illicit Brew in Govt Van

  • Members present during a bizarre court hearing at the Kigumo Law Courts on Monday, January 27, were left in shock after it was announced that four suspects set for detainment were receiving treatment at the Maragua Sub-County Hospital.

    According to the court records, the four were being treated for alcohol poisoning after they consumed concentrated chang'aaa while being transported to Murang'a Prison in a police van.

    Following an early morning hearing, the four -Peter Ngugi, David Murigi, George Muiruri, and Joseph Murimi, indulged themselves in several littles of alcohol that had been confiscated and placed in the truck as an exhibit to be used in a different case.

    Left to their own devices with officers reportedly all seated upfront, the four made little work of the drum of liquor that was right next to them, but quickly kissed the floor of the truck after blacking out.

    A Kenyan man runs with beer crate

    Once the van got to Murang'a Prison, the officers went to the back only to find the suspects totally unconscious, this forced them to take them to Saba Saba Health Centre for emergency treatment, thereafter detaining them at Saba Saba Police Station.

    They were then transferred to Maragua where three were still unconscious on Tuesday, January 28, according to reports shared by doctors at the health facility.

    In a similar incident in October 2019, a drinking competition in Matayos, Busia turned tragic after a participant died minutes after being declared the winner.

    K24 Digital reported on Wednesday, October 9, that Michael Ouma lost his life after downing three glasses of Chang'aa in quick succession.

    Ouma was pronounced dead on arrival at a Busia hospital, with doctors claiming that he died from dehydration that was caused by the alcohol he had ingested.

    An overturned beer truck at Roysambu on October 5, 2019.