Judge Who Freed Babu Loses Wife

  • Milimani Law Court Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi is in mourning after his wife, Mwajuma Mohammed, passed on while receiving treatment at The Mater Hospital on Tuesday night, January 28.

    In a report by K24 Digital, the Chief Magistrate's wife developed complications after travelling from their home in Kakamega, leading to her admission at the hospital.

    “She developed physical weakness after arriving in Nairobi from her matrimonial home in Kakamega on Tuesday evening. We took her to hospital, but, sadly, she lost her life while receiving treatment at The Mater Hospital,” remarked a source who spoke to K24 Digital.

    Embakasi East MP Babu Owino at Milimani Law Courts on Monday, January 20, 2020.

    The source further revealed that the burial was set for Friday, January 31 in Kakamega County.

    On Tuesday, January 28, Andayi made a ruling for the release a supporter for Embakasi MP Babu Owino who had been arrested after attempting to create chaos during a bail ruling for the MP.

    On Monday, January 27, the Chief Magistrate ruled in favour of Babu releasing him on a Ksh10 million bail after his arrest over allegedly shooting a DJ at a popular club in Nairobi.

    In his ruling Milimani Chief Magistrate Francis Andayi, set out several other conditions for the legislators' release, key among them being that the money would be paid to the court in four installments and will be used to clear all the bills the DJ would incur in the best medical facilities until he recovered fully.

    He also made a decision to bar the first time parliamentarian from consuming alcohol or any other form of narcotic for the duration of his court case.

    Andayi indicated that the victim's family was unable to settle the hospital bill already accrued at the Nairobi hospital where he was admitted with serious bullet injuries at his neck.

    On January 20, the legislator was remanded by Andayi after denying charges of attempted murder on the DJ and carrying a gun while drunk and disorderly.

    The Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi as pictured on April 1, 2019.

    The Chief Magistrate declined a request to have the legislator detained at the Gigiri Police Station where he had been held and instead ordered that he be moved to the Industrial Area Remand Prison.

    Babu was accused of unlawfully attempting to kill the victim after shooting him twice in the neck, contrary to Section 222 of the Penal Code.