Uhuru Planted Hecklers to Embarrass Me - Kimani Ngunjiri

  • Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri has lashed out at President Uhuru Kenyatta after he faced embarrassment in his own backyard following the head of state's remarks, when he made a stopover in the area on Tuesday, January 28, 2020. 

    Through his Facebook page, the MP exposed screenshots from a WhatsApp group comprising members of his constituency, who supposedly preempted what the president's visit would be about. 

    In addition, he posted a statement that alleged the president, through his aides, had arranged for the planting of individuals, who would heckle the MP. 

    Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri addressing the media in Nakuru town on January 6, 2019.

    "The president is welcome to Bahati, but his response indicates that he had prior information that the people of Bahati would complain about these roads hence he had to play politics and find a scapegoat in order to save face.

    "From reliable sources, I was very much aware that some mandarins in the office of the president, some of whom have political ambitions in Nakuru County and the office of the governor led by Governor Lee Kinyanjui himself, poured large amounts of money to have my reputation tarnished. 

    "To achieve this, they ferried a few hecklers from other areas and strategically placed them in all the stopovers in Bahati to heckle me. This is the reason I was conspicuously absent in the entourage that accompanied the president," the MP stated in a Facebook post.

    In addition, Ngunjiri dismissed claims that he had disrespected the president, arguing that he was a voice for the people in his constituency.

    "The president said that I should be told to let him do his job while I concentrate on my duties as an MP. I would like to remind the president respectfully that as an MP, I am mandated to represent the voice of the people and also oversight the executive. 

    "I have been faithfully executing my mandate and the president should accept the fact that in spite of him being the Jubilee Party Leader, I don’t have to agree with his views all the time," Ngunjiri continued.

    "Those who mobilized for my heckling aren’t in touch with our concerns as a people of Bahati. I am inviting these people to join us in our transformational journey as we seek to better each other," he stated.

    Kenyatta, when addressing the legislator's constituents on Tuesday, January 28, requested the MP to focus on development rather than insults. 

    "Tell him to leave me alone and do the work he is supposed to do, which you gave him. I'm also doing the work that you gave me," the president stated.

    "Our mandate is to do what we are supposed to do and I am very pleased by what the MCA (an MCA who addressed the crowd before Kenyatta) has said because he knows his work," the president asserted. 

    Below are the screenshots;