Amazing Lady Behind Betty Kyallo's Successful Media Career

K24 TV anchor Betty Kyallo is undoubtedly one of the most followed anchors in the country with the signature bulletin Weekend with Betty and the and interview segment that airs every Friday evening. 

With time, Betty has grown in reverence, having earlier worked at KTN News hosting the Friday Briefing and later moved to K24 TV in September 2018.

However, little is known about Sarah Mwangi who has been Betty’s producer for the last four years, playing a major role in the anchor’s media career.

K24 TV anchor Betty Kyallo(Right) and her producer Sarah Mwangi at the K24 TV studios

Speaking to, Sarah explained how she got the opportunity to work with Betty, which turned to become a close friendship between the two.

“I started working together with Betty while at KTN. Eddie Kavai and I were the two producers between Friday and Monday and one had to produce for the Friday edition while the other worked for Checkpoint.

“Kibisu Mulanda who was my boss by then requested me to take up the Friday edition that was being hosted by Betty. That meant I work on Friday and Saturday,” remarked Sarah.

The two journalists grew closer together and worked on major projects that saw Friday Briefing attract a wide viewership.

“We worked together and developed proper synchronisation. We did much outside broadcast in various regions in the country. We simply started as colleagues, then became friends,” remarked Sarah. 

In 2018 when K24 TV approached Betty for a prospective Weekend with Betty show, Sarah became part of the new plan since she was the producer who understood Betty well and had been able to create a brand out of the content they worked on together. 

“It has been fun working together because we are friends and have a similar way of thinking. I know a good guest when I see one and she knows how to bring the best out of the guest,” Sarah intimated. 

.Their friendship also extends to their personal lives and help each other out when the need arises.

“At times we may have some differences between us but we always agree on how to solve them. We always come out for each other any time that any of us is in a fix and needs help. I also know that Betty loves her daughter Ivanna so much,” stated Sarah.

Despite instances where Betty has been the subject of negative publicity, her producer indicated that the news anchor has always been able to move.

“Betty is an amazing friend to have. She is not what people put out there. The good thing is that she always gets a way of pushing on for a charming show despite the unfortunate incidents.

“I always like what we do especially on the Upclose segment. It has always been an amazing program that has already attracted more than 20 million views since the day we started, Sarah lauded. 

The Upclose segment has aired episodes that focused on human interest stories, entertainment pieces and also celebrated personalities and leaders in the country.

K24 TV anchor Betty Kyallo(Right) and her producer Sarah Mwangi in a past photo


K24 TV producer Sarah Mwangi in a past photo

K24 TV producer Sarah Mwangi(Left), industrialists Manu Chandaria, Aruna Chandaria and K24 TV anchor Betty Kyallo during a past shoot.