Larry Madowo Rushed to Hospital

Celebrated Kenyan journalist, Larry Madowo was rushed to hospital on Thursday, January 6, in what the BBC scribe termed an emergency.

He posted a photo of him being lifted onto an ambulance, surrounded by medics who were wearing protective masks similar to his. 

"It’s all fun and games until you end up in the emergency room considering your own mortality. No, it wasn’t for coronavirus. And yes, I’ll live," Madowo tweeted.

BBC Africa editor Larry Madowo at Washington DC, US

The anchor relocated to the United States, pitching camp at the Columbia University in New York in July 2019 as a full-time student.

He did not, however, disclose what had befallen him, leaving his followers anxious. 

Sections of his fans were divided as others wished him well while some questioned whether it was a stunt.

"Pole brother. Quick recovery. Hii Feb imekuja na ngori gani hizi? (This month of February has started terribly)," Kung'u ka Wambui stated.

"Get well soon," Gigi wished.

"Hope you feel better soon," Evalyne Rono added.

Some wondered what the endeared anchor was up to, arguing that the photo shouldn't have been taken in the middle of an emergency. 

"Technology is becoming an addiction, soon people will be taking selfies on their burial day!"Musa Moyez opined.

"You must not have been that sick if you could remember to ask someone to snap a pic for you to post on social media," Al Kandie proclaimed.

Digital media expert, Brian Muuo, explained that technology and digital media has in some way changed the perspective of many people in regards to crucial issues in the society. According to him, most people currently use social media for personal gratification rather than relaying information.

"Madowo's case has two angles to it. He may indeed be ill or he may be out to share information on a feature, synonymous with most journalists. We have seen cases whereby people are ill or are suffering, case example the incidents witnessed whereby someone wants to commit suicide, but the crowd that converges ends up shooting such scenarios to share on social media rather than reach out to emergency teams to assist the victims.

"We have also seen cases whereby someone is judged falsely over the contents of a photo or video and the truth perplexes many when later revealed. Before judging a case, one should at least find out what the real issue is as you may find yourself on the wrong end of the debate," Muuo asserted. 

More reactions to Larry Madowo's post
Reactions to Larry Madowo's post

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