Gideon Moi's Priceless Inheritance Leaves Him Speechless [VIDEO]

Baringo Senator Gideon Moi was left speechless after he was handed his late father's rungu on Wednesday, February 12.

Addressing the thousands who had gathered to bid their final farewell to the late president Daniel arap Moi, Raymond (Moi's eldest son) handed the families priceless heirloom to his younger brother.

"In terms of seniority and so forth, I am the leader of this family but in terms of politics, let me ask Gideon to come over," he announced when it was time to pass the late president's famous rungu.

The late president used to carry his symbolic rungu everywhere, only leaving it behind when he went to church. It remains to be seen whether his son will also follow in his footsteps.

An emotional Gideon stepped up to the podium and gave a heartfelt speech.

"Honestly I was not expecting this," he stated before finding himself speechless.

The senator had a hard time finding his words, going on to reveal that the fact that he actually had his late father's prized rungu in his hands was simply indescribable.

He went on to thank his entire family for the priceless gift and vowed to do his best to fill the huge shoes left by the enigmatic Moi, adding that he would ensure that the family name rose to higher heights.

Since he left power in 2002, Moi's youngest son slowly emerged as the heir apparent of Moi’s political fortune.

Raymond -the MP for Rongai in Nakuru County, appears to be the spokesperson of the family, with Gideon now formally announced as their political leader.

Gideon's symbolic appointment is set to have long terms ramifications in regards to the vote-rich Rift Valley region.

As the new leader took his seat, the cameras panned out and focus on Deputy President William Ruto who wore an expressionless face.

The two are considered as the most influential leaders in the region, and Gideon's newfound clout and support could prove to be a turning point in his political career.

Speaking at the funeral, former Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka had urged the family of the late president to ensure that the legacy of Kenya's second president lived on.

"And to Mzee's family, keep together. Do not let Moi's legacy go down the drain. From Gideon to Jonathan, keep together. We love you and God bless you," Kalonzo stated. 

The baton was also on the flip side of the Ksh20 and Ksh100 notes that were printed during President Moi's era, and was a significant part of Nyayo monuments across the country, the most conspicuous one being at Uhuru Park in Nairobi.

Interestingly, the late president had to order for a new rungu -which was flown from Nairobi to Sydney, Australia, in 1981, after the one Moi carried to a previous tour of the United States broke.

Moi flew straight to Australia after the US trip and the new rungu had to be delivered to him before he stepped out of the plane in Sydney.

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