CCTV Captures Church Member Stealing Offering [VIDEO]

  • CCTV footage at James Cathedral Church in Murang’a Town, captured a member, stealing offering on Thursday, February 13.

    A report published by Citizen TV on Friday, February 14, detailed that Peter Muiya Irungu, was apprehended after the footage exposed his rampant theft which had been a prolonged cause of disturbance for the church. 

    The suspect was caught with bundles of notes stashed in his pockets. 

    Peter Muiya after being apprehended by Murang'a County residents on Thursday, Friday 13

    What astounded the church was that Muiya was one of the devoted members of the church, who would never miss a day of worship. 

    The suspect would also be left praying alone when masses concluded, only to access the safe boxes using a special wire.

    According to the church administration, they decided to set up the CCTV cameras after they noticed anormalies with the church offering deposits.

    The currency notes in the offering boxes appeared torn, following Muiya's attempts to pick the notes, which he would prick and pull.

    In the CCTV footage, the suspect alleged to be Muiya, could be seen attempting to pick a lock at the church premises.

    Reports further detailed that he also hails from Murang'a where he works as a casual labourer.

    His close associates informed the outlet that Muiya engaged in petty theft in 2018, before targeting the church recently.

    Muiya will be arraigned at Murang’a Law Courts on Friday, February 14, on burglary charges. 

    Peter Muiya ponders his next move after being arrested stealing from a church on Thursday, February 13

    VIDEO: Citizen TV