Notorious Druglord Giving Police Sleepless Nights [VIDEO]

  • General Service Unit (GSU) officers pictured outside a gate in Lavington, Nairobi before a raid in November 2013
    General Service Unit (GSU) officers during a raid at a house in Lavington, Nairobi in November 2013
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  • Coast Regional Commissioner John Elung'ata has revealed details of a feared drug lord operating from Likoni, Mombasa who is being hunted down by police.

    Addressing a public forum during a tour of Likoni Sub-county on Saturday, February 15, Elung'ata described the unnamed drug baron as 'the only one remaining', noting that three of his accomplices had been arrested.

    He claimed that residents around Mtongwe Corner area in Likoni lived in fear of the drug lord, whom they claim uses witchcraft to evade authorities.

    "There is only one person remaining. Even people are praising him saying that he has special powers, that when he sees police he grows wings and flies away," Elung'ata claimed.

    Coast Regional Commissioner John Elung'ata addresses locals at the Lamu Island's Mukunguni Square in April 2019
    Coast Regional Commissioner John Elung'ata addresses locals at the Lamu Island's Mukunguni Square in April 2019
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    Elung'ata sought the support of members of the public as they track down the drug dealer, urging members of the public to send anonymous tips to police.

    "If you feel you are scared of this person, I will give you our numbers today. You can call us or send a message, you don't even have to tell us who you are.

    "Let's help each other end this menace so that we remain focused on development in our communities," Elung'ata asserted.

    He vowed that authorities would be relentless in the crack-down on drug dealers and criminal gangs at the Coast.

    "We can't allow people to come and sell these things to our children. That's unacceptable," Elung'ata maintained.

    He was accompanied by senior police officers and government officials including Mombasa County Commissioner Gilbert Kitiyo and Regional Police Commander Rashid Yakub.

    They claimed that millions of shillings worth of heroin and cocaine had so far been confiscated in the ongoing crackdown.

    At the forum, which brought together elders, youth leaders and other Likoni residents, the security chiefs also sounded a warning to gangs which have terrorized various estates at the Coast in recent months.

    ''Incidences of crime blamed on knife-wielding criminal gangs who are high on drugs have gone down and this is attributed to a good relationship between the police and the public,'' the regional commissioner stated.

    Watch a video of Elung'ata addressing the forum below: