5 Children Kill Baby in Mock Burial Ceremony

  • By Marikio Muchiri on Friday, 26 February 2016 - 8:38am
    Curious onlookers at a crime scene Google
  • Residents of Ingotse village in Kakamega County were left in shock after a 2-year-old girl was buried alive as she was playing with her friends on Thursday.

    According to witnesses, the girl was having fun in the company of five other playmates when they decided to imitate a burial ceremony as they had previously witnessed during funerals.

    The five children are said to have dug a hole, placed their colleague in it, poured water then covered it with soil not knowing that they were suffocating her. 

    "The kids dug a small hole, poured water inside before burying her in it. I was very surprised how such kids would do that," one of girl's family members narrated.

    The neighbourhood struggled to come to terms with the actions of the children, wondering what to do considering legal action was not an option. 

    The girl's body was moved to the Kakamega County Referral Hospital mortuary with her family eventually deciding to handle the matter traditionally.

    Relatives of the deceased resorted to carrying out a ritual ceremony to cleanse the five 'guilty' minors.


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