Alice Wahome's Close Encounter With Hitman 'Sent to Murder Her' [VIDEO]

  • Kandara MP Alice Wahome addressing the presence at a conference on Thursday, January 2, 2020.
    Kandara MP Alice Wahome makes an address on Thursday, January 2, 2020.
  • Kandara MP Alice Wahome, on the night of Sunday, February 23, detailed at length for the first time her encounter with a man she alleges was sent to end her life.

    Speaking on K24 TV's Punchline, the fiery lawmaker claimed that the supposed hitman boldly called her cellphone to inform her that her life was in his hands.

    She further added that the unidentified person clearly told her who had sent him and later followed up the threat with a text message reading, 'We have been asked to kill you.'

    Kandara MP Alice Wahome during K24 TV interview on Sunday, February 23, 2020.
    Kandara MP Alice Wahome during K24 TV interview on Sunday, February 23, 2020.
    K24 Digital

    "Soon after the new year, on January 2, when I issued a press statement, I think it made very many people in the political sector uncomfortable possibly because of the things I said regarding our economy and the president's term limit.

    "Thereafter, there were very many press conferences that were held by many people within the county and constituency," she narrated.

    "Around December (2019) I received two phone calls. The first did not go through. The second didn't either. When I took the third phone call, the caller said that he had been sent to kill me. He said by some people from Nairobi.

    "Thereafter, he sent a text to my phone, though I didn't take it seriously then. Shortly after, my security was withdrawn," Wahome added.

    The show's host Anne Kiguta then prodded her to reveal the actual contents of the phone call which she did.

    She further disclosed that after the threat, she did not respond to the sender but reported the matter to the police in Kandara. 

    "In January at around date 15, when I was also giving my bursary to the constituency, there was an organised attempt to disrupt the event. 

    "Over 22 students from the University of Nairobi and Mt Kenya University were ferried to the offices to disrupt the ceremony," she continued.

    She further pointed out that the situation deteriorated especially after other politicians made it clear in their conferences that they would not allow her to make statements.

    On January 2, Wahome startled the nation when she unflinchingly declared that President Uhuru Kenyatta was the biggest existential threat to the country's economy.

    "I want to tell Kenyans that the biggest existential threat to Kenya's declining economy, democracy, freedom of speech and political association is Uhuru Kenyatta because he is on the driver's seat.

    "Raila Odinga is his new mercenary for hire and the BBI report is the special purpose vehicle," she disclosed at the time.