Skiza Tunes: How to Select, Change & Register

  • Skiza tunes are a way of entertaining your callers.
    Skiza tunes are a way of entertaining your callers.
  • Skiza tune is a customized ring-back service by Safaricom which enables you to entertain your callers with your favorite sound or music tunes at a cost.

    Skiza started in the year 2009, and by 2017 the platform had seen 132,000 tunes downloaded where 120,000 are from Kenya. The numbers continue to rise as more Kenyans customise their ringback tones.

    How to subscribe for Skiza Tune

    The Skiza music platform
    The Skiza music platform

    By use of SKIZA code

    Dial *811# on your phone with Safaricom SIM card

    Select Subscribe to SKIZA

    Enter the code of the SKIZA tone you wish to subscribe to

    Download your SKIZA tune

    Confirm and Subscribe

    By SMS

    Send an SMS with the keyword ‘SKIZA’ and the code of the SKIZA tune that you would like to purchase to 811 e.g. SKIZA 5000001

    Send an SMS with the word SEARCH plus the name of the artist or song to 822 and follow the prompts, for example, send Search Safaricom to 822.

    Via Website 

    Log on to the following website

    Select your favourite SKIZA Tune.

    How to subscribe to SKIZA Tune by Express Copying

    To get the same SKIZA tune from another person through express copy

    Let the person call you
    Make sure the SKIZA tune on the ring back is the same with the one you wanted

    Dial 11 before you answer the call

    You will have successfully copied the SKIZA tune

    Once you successfully purchase a SKIZA tune and it is downloaded to your personal album there
    shall be no reversal of the transaction.

    Types of tunes

    You have a variety of tunes to choose from local, gospel, African, International as well as funny, inspirational and personal messages too.


    For each purchase of a SKIZA tune a content fee of  Ksh1 daily per local SKIZA tune and Ksh. 1:50  daily per international SKIZA tune is charged

    The SKIZA Tunes are already marked as local or international on the Safaricom SKIZA portal.

    You will be charged for each SKIZA tune upon the successful upload of the tone.

    Popular Songs You Can set up as Your Skiza Tune 

    Safaricom will from time to time publish a catalog of all the tunes existing in the SKIZA Tunes service with the song code, artist and SKIZA Tune name on its website and/or the local press.

    How to Join SKIZA as an Artist

    An artist wanting to put their content on the Skiza platform can do using the content service provider companies who have been are contracted by Safaricom.

    The providers will then register the artist's music and a code issued which subscribers will use to access your music.

    Skiza Service Providers

    The following companies produce content for Skiza Tunes

    1. Interactive Media Services
    2. Xpedia
    3. Mtech Communications
    4.  Bernsoft Interactive Limited
    5. Cellulant Kenya Limited 
    6. Qasiida Technologies
    7. Bluewater Group LTD
    8. XSpice Vas Kenya LTD
    9. User Experience Technologies LTD
    10. Enable It Limited
    11. Ngomma Value Added Services

    With the code, an artist can monitor earnings from the content through a short code USSD message or through online platforms.

    How to monitor earnings with USSD SMS code

    On your phone dial *622#

    Enter your unique access code

    Select the ‘Query SKIZA Revenue’ option

    Choose the period from which you want your statement, eg year and month of your interest

    Choose the song or content

    A musician promoting their content on the Skiza platform
    A musician promoting their content on the Skiza platform

    Through online platform

    Log in to the Safaricom SKIZA site

    Enter your details

    Generate your SKIZA payment information

    How to Remove Skiza tune

    To unsubscribe from Safaricom Skiza tune:

    Simply Dial *811#

    From the options given Select Manage my Tunes and press send.

    Select Skiza Tune

    Here you can Choose the Skiza Tunes that you want to remove

    Select Delete.

    Delete Skiza Tune Via SMS

    You can delete a SKIZA Tune by simply sending an SMS to 811 with the word DELETE and the

    SKIZA Code of the tune you wish to delete, e.g. send DELETE 5050005 to 811 to delete the said tune. 

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Can I buy Skiza tune with Bonga Points?

    You cannot purchase ring back tones using promotional or loyalty accounts such as Bonga Points, however, you can purchase ring back tones using Okoa Jahazi airtime

    Will I be refunded when I delete a Skiza tune?

    No refund will be given by Safaricom for the deletion of one’s SKIZA Tunes, i.e. tunes deleted before the daily lapse of the tone validity period.