K24 TV Fires Entire Newsroom, Spares Only 2

  • A set at K24 studios in Nairobi
    A set at K24 studios in Nairobi
  • Mediamax Network Limited has fired all its newsroom staff in its broadcaster K24 TV including news anchors sparing only two people, in yet another unprecedented cost-cutting measure. 

    A senior anchor at the station intimated to Kenyans.co.ke that the entire newsroom including top news anchors, reporters and other staff were sent parking after opposing the 50% pay cut the company had imposed on them.

    According to another source, the two employees who were spared work in the production department and had reportedly agreed to the pay cut terms.

    "They let the entire newsroom go, from anchors to reporters to producers to news editors. Only two people who had given their consent to the 50% pay cut. They even laid off people who had accepted the 50% pay cut," stated the anchor.

    A photo of K24 TV anchor Isabela Kituri at Mediamax studios along Kijabe street, Nairobi.
    K24 TV anchor Isabela Kituri at Mediamax studios along Kijabe street, Nairobi.

    Earlier, Kenyans.co.ke had obtained a text message notice sent by the company's human resource department to the affected staff.

    "Hi. This is (name hidden) from HR. I am contacting you with regards to the redundancy notice issued on 21st of May 2020. The notice period has expired. Unfortunately, your position has been affected by way of redundancy.

    "I would like to invite you to Emory Hotel in Kileleshwa tomorrow, Monday 22, at 8:55 a.m. to discuss what this means to your employment. When you get to the hotel kindly ask for me. We thank you for your indulgence and cooperation in this matter," reads the message that was sent out on Sunday, June 21.

    Some of the employees from the station that were shown the door include news anchors Sam Njoroge, Rose Gakuo, Fred Indimuli, Eric Njoka, Karen Karimi, Isabella Kituri, Nancy Onyancha, Caren Kibett, Shon Osimbo, Sara Adams, Joy Kariuki, Joab Mwaura and Tony Khwalanda.

    This did not come as a shock to most of the affected employees, at least based on their responses on social media given the preceding several months of uncertainty over their tenures. 

    "It has been fun and real at K24 TV, see you on the other side," shared Matara Dennis.

    "On to the next assignment. K24 TV, it has been seven years of greatness," shared Onyancha.

    Kenyans.co.ke had previously reported that the programme Punchline with Anne Kiguta was the only show that the station had sought to spare with over 150 jobs being on the line at the time.

    "Punchline stays put. It will not be affected by the current changes. Well, no deal was pulled. It just fits the strategic direction of the partnership. Nothing about Punchline changes. It remains exactly as it is," a source familiar with the show's production process told Kenyans.co.ke.

    The lay off came barely a month after Betty Kyallo called it quits from the station during her popular Weekend with Betty show noting that Saturday, May 30, was her last day at the broadcaster.

    "I really appreciate you all. It is now time for me to say goodbye here on K24 TV. Thank you so much for all the support, I appreciate you, God bless you and I love you," announced Betty as she signed out. 

    Betty Kyallo at the K24 studios on May 30, 2020.
    Betty Kyallo at the K24 studios on May 30, 2020.